Education Resource Strategies

Education Resource Strategies (ERS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming how urban school systems organize resources—people, time, technology, and money—so that every school succeeds for every student.

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  • Following the Dollars to the Classroom Door

    Why and How Effective Student-Based Budgeting Must be Linked with Strategic School Design

    More and more districts—and several states—are adopting funding models like student-based budgeting (also called weighted student funding or fair student funding) to increase equity and promote principal autonomy. Giving school leaders new resources and new flexibility is a... More »

  • Data Decisions

    A School System 20/20 Series of Briefs

    These short papers highlight common opportunities school systems have to yield big results for students by adjusting their current resource use. It is based on ERS' 10 years of close partnership with district leaders across the country and our extensive comparative database More »

  • Back from the Brink: A Case Study of Lawrence Public Schools

    How a Bold Vision and a Focus on Resources Can Drive System Improvement

    In 2011, Lawrence Public Schools was the first district that Massachusetts placed into state receivership due to poor performance. By 2014, things had dramatically changed for the better. This case study explores how a bold vision and effective use of resources can lead to big improvements. More »

  • The Future of School System 20/20 and the Lawrence Case Study

    Improving urban education is immensely complicated. We believe that we cannot fix the problem one-school-at-a-time. Instead, we need to change school systems so that schools succeed within and because of the system - not in spite of it. More »

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