• Boston Public Schools Takes Action on Extended Learning Time

    If Approved, 40 Minutes will be Added to the School Day

    Boston Public Schools has taken an important step toward improving student learning. Mayor Marty Walsh announced Friday that with BPS and the Boston Teachers Union, he negotiated a new plan to add 40 minutes to the school day for elementary, K-8, and middle school students. More »

  • Happy New Year!

    See our top content of 2014

    This has been a very exciting year for ERS, and we can’t wait to dive into 2015, which marks our tenth year as an organization! See our District Partners page for who our new and continued partners were in 2014, as well as all our partners from the past ten years. More »

  • 800 Data Scientists Competed to Solve One Boston Nonprofit's Biggest Challenge

    ERS mentioned in BostInno

    Watertown's Education Resource Strategies tried solving its problem in-house. Every solution the nonprofit concocted, however, proved to be labor-intensive. What the team needed was a seasoned data science team, which is where Harvard-spun startup DrivenData came in. ERS... More »

  • Next Stop for ERS: New York State

    ERS begins a partnership that will include resource mapping in eight districts and an assessment of state data collection practices More »

  • Tips for Data-Informed Decision-Making: Don't Forget the Tape

    Districts can also do more with the data they have - like inform teacher compensation models, adjust district-wide funding equity, and support strategic school design. But a few simple stumbling blocks may get in the way, unless districts proactively find and remove them. More »

  • The Harvard Startup Helping Nonprofits Make Sense of Their Big Data Through Competition

    ERS mentioned in BostInno

    Ninety-percent of the world's data was generated in two years. Big-name behemoths like Google and Amazon caught on early, hiring full data science teams to capitalize on the booming trend. For nonprofits and local government organizations, however, the data is growing just as fast, but... More »

  • A New Tool for Strategic Planning and Budget Season

    October issue of School System 20/20 e-news

    Our School System 20/20 e-newsletter is a monthly guide for district leaders striving to align resources—people, time, and money—to improve student learning. Our October issue focuses on our new paper, "Return on Investment in Education," which lays out five steps that serve as a... More »

  • Principals' Strategic Data Use Offers Key to Better Learning

    A Letter to the Editor of Education Week

    A letter from David Rosenberg to the editor of Education Week regarding access to and understanding of data was recently published. More »

  • How States Can Better Support Districts

    Karen Hawley Miles moderates a panel on this topic at the Policy Innovators in Education (PIE) Network Summit

    States can support districts by offering flexibility and support, as well as increasing equity and adequacy and encouraging them to rethink old policies and programs as new money trickles in More »

  • U.S. DOE Takes a Big Step on Equity

    We are thrilled to share the news that the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Education just released new guidance on resource equity for our elementary and secondary schools. The step is critical for closing the achievement gap, and their approach is comprehensive and well... More »