• ERS Welcomes Six New Hires!

    The 2014 New Hire Orientation has just wrapped up, and we're so excited about our six new hires! Our two-week orientation process is a big moment every year for the organization. Nearly everyone here contributes in some way to this process, which is designed to introduce the new hires to our... More »

  • Getting to the Bottom of Where the Money Goes

    A Student-Level Analysis of Resource Allocation

    We know that school districts spend vastly different amounts per pupil. But typically, it’s difficult to calculate how much each school spends on each individual student. Researcher Rebecca Wolf used ERS data to look at where the money goes--student by student. More »

  • Where Does Your District Struggle and Excel? Learn What Your Colleagues Think

    We updated Resource Check to make it even more useful to district and community leaders, reform support organizations, and more. Now you can view assessment results for a group of people—such as a district cabinet, school leadership team, or Board of Education. More »

  • Strategic Leadership in School Systems

    July issue of School System 20/20 e-news

    Our School System 20/20 e-newsletter is a monthly guide for district leaders striving to align resources—people, time, and money—to improve student learning. Our July issue focuses on our new paper, "The New Education CFO: From Scorekeeper to Strategic Leader," published in... More »

  • Boston Becomes the "Early Bird" of Teacher Hiring

    This year, Boston Public Schools empowered all school leaders to hire earlier and with more freedom to meet their school's needs. The results have been impressive. More »

  • Linda Nathan on School Autonomy

    ERS' work with BPS mentioned in WBUR's Learning Lab blog

    As a respected community leader with 35 years of experience with Boston Public Schools (BPS), as well as experience mentoring dozens of principals, Dr. Linda Nathan was chosen to study the BPS' autonomy. Over the past year—with the help of ERS and the Center for Collaborative... More »

  • ERS to Partner with Indianapolis Public Schools

    ERS is excited to begin this important work with Indianapolis Public Schools. We will be helping them restructure their teacher compensation system to attract and keep great teachers. More »

  • The Values Behind ERS

    The foundation of ERS work and culture is based on our Core Values. Recently, we delved deeper into what each of these values means to our organization and how they translate into our daily practice and the work we deliver to our district partners. More »

  • Boston's Historic Moment

    June issue of School System 20/20 e-news

    Our June issue focuses on Boston Public Schools and the recently published report, The Path Forward, which explores how the district can balance school flexibility with accountability and support. More »

  • In Their Own Words

    Charlotte School Leaders Describe Their Strategic School Design

    ERS and Public Impact worked closely with 17 Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools on strategic school design. Three school leaders describe their experience re-designing their schools this year. More »