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Every school.
Every child.
Ready for tomorrow.

Especially now.

In the new reality of COVID-19, "doing school" differently has become a requirement for many districts. Schools are facing unprecedented challenges as they work hard to support their students during the pandemic, especially those students with the highest need. But even in these times, transformation is possible. Even now — especially now  every school can still make sure every child has the resources they need to thrive.

Check out Start Here: 5 “power strategies” (and real-life examples) to accelerate equity-focused recovery and redesign.

Every school.
Every child.
Ready for tomorrow.

Education Resource Strategies

Education Resource Strategies

We are a national non-profit that partners with district, school and state leaders to transform how they use resources (people, time, and money) to create strategic school systems that enable every school to prepare every child for tomorrow, no matter their race or income.

Our work integrates data analysis, benchmarking, strategic design, consensus building, implementation and monitoring in the areas of school system design:

  • School Design
  • Teaching
  • Leadership
  • Funding & Portfolio
  • School Support & Accountability

Let's Collaborate

Do-It-Yourself Tools and Research

Assess your district's resource use, create strategic school design plans, learn about best practices from other districts and states, and explore our publications, videos, and interactive online tools.

Workshops, Webinars, and Events

Connect with other district and/or state leaders to address a specific topic (such as budgeting or school design) and get hands on experience with ERS’ tools and frameworks. 

Partner with Us

Work closely with an ERS team to address a specific deep issue in your district or state, or conduct a broad assessment of resource use to meet strategic goals.

See ERS tools and publications for:

Uniting advocates and education leaders to unlock excellence for every student

The Alliance for Resource Equity

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