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Data-Driven Instruction

Systematically use common, standards-based assessments and other data to track student progress and adjust instruction and support.

Queens Metropolitan High School: Data-Driven Instruction

  • Video: A short video highlights teachers and school leaders at Queens Metropolitan High School, who show us what data-driven instruction looks like at their school.
  • Interactive Overview Presentation: An interactive presentation called a Prezi explores what data-driven instruction is and what it takes to do well.
  • Best Practices Template: A detailed “Best Practices Template” document explores exactly what people, time, and money school leaders need to devote to data-driven instruction; common obstacles; a basic timeline; and more detail from our case study school—including sample artifacts such as a data-cycle calendar and Corrective Instruction Action Plan.

 Video: See Data-Driven Instruction in Action

Interactive Presentation (Prezi): Understand the Fundamentals

Explore the Prezi presentation below as you would PowerPoint slides, with the added option of zooming in and out of any section you choose, using your mouse.



Best Practices Template: Learn to Do It Yourself

Best Practices Template: Data-Driven Instruction (PDF)


School-Specific Artifacts:

  • Data Cycle Calendar: The science teachers at Queens Metro use this calendar to plan key steps in the data-driven instruction cycle.
  • Data Report - Class Proficiency: This one page report offers a snapshot of a class’ proficiency on the standards that were tested on an interim assessment.
  • Data Report - Item Analysis: This one page report shows the percent of students in one class who selected the correct answer for each question on an interim assessment. It also shows the most commonly selected incorrect answers to help teachers uncover students’ misconceptions.
  • Corrective Instruction Action Plan (Blank): During collaborative planning time, teaching teams at Queens Metro use this protocol to fully understand what the data reveals about student misconceptions, and to plan how to adjust instruction moving forward.
  • Corrective Instruction Action Plan (Example): This filled-out example shows the type of content and level of detail required in a completed action plan.
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