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School Design in Action

These detailed school profiles of successful strategic designs empower school leaders to optimize their resources—people, time, and money.

Strategic School Design Principles

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Strategic School Design: All School Profiles

Browse detailed profiles of schools across the country that are using people, time, and money in innovative ways to meet student and staff needs. You can also find these profiles organized by which Design Principles they demonstrate, as shown in the list below.

Excellent Teaching for All Students

Organize teachers and teams to maximize student learning and continuously grow talent:

Hiring and Strategic Retention thumb

Hiring and Strategic Retention

Attract and retain the best teachers for students.

Roles and Assignments

Differentiated Teacher Roles

Give teachers roles that match their skills to student needs.


Data-Driven Instruction

Systematically use common, standards-based assessments and other data to track student progress and adjust instruction and support.

Teaching Teams

Teaching Teams

Cultivate teams of teachers who share resposibility for student success and build collective expertise by working together to plan and adjust instruction based on data.

Individual Professional Growth

Individual Professional Growth

Grow individual teachers through supports, interventions, and tools.

Personalized Learning and Support

Match grouping, learning time, technology, and program to students’ individual needs:

Personal Relationships

Personal Relationships and School Culture

Ensure students are deeply known within a community of shared expectations.

Targeted Social-Emotional Support

Targeted Social-Emotional Support

Integrate more intensive social-emotional support where necessary.

Need-Based Scheduling

Targeted and Dynamic Learning Resources

Create targeted student groupings and schedules that match resources (talent, learning time, program, and technology) to student needs and adjust groupings and schedules during the school year as needs change.

Varying Time Ongoing

Varying Time Ongoing

Implement systems for ongoing adjustment of time and instructional programs.

Sufficient Time

Sufficient Time

Ensure students have enough time to meet rigorous standards and engage in motivating enrichment opportunities.

Cost Effectiveness through Creative Solutions

Organize a combined set of jobs, partnerships, and technology to maximize resources that support teaching and learning:

Student and Teacher Groupings

Targeted Teacher Time

Enable teachers to focus on the most important aspects of instruction by integrating instructional support staff and technology.

Efficient Non-Instructional Roles

Community Partnerships

Create community partnerships that expand opportunities for students and help schools meet key goals.

Paying the Market Rate

Creative Staffing Arrangements

Use creative staffing arrangements to meet the school’s unique staffing needs in the most efficient way.

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