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Use Resource Check: Funding to see how your district decisions on funding compare to best practices.

Improving your student performance starts with making sure your resource decisions are aligned with your goals for improving performance. This assessment helps you evaluate your resource choices around funding schools. Are your schools equitably funded? Are your systems transparent? Do your schools have enough resource flexibility?
Resource Check is a self-assessment tool that helps you determine where to start. Do this with a group to compare answers or on your own.
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Education Resource Strategies (ERS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming how urban school systems organize resources so that every school succeeds for every student. Our School System 20/20 provides a framework for understanding how districts can most effectively allocate people, time and money. Learn more about School System 20/20.

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Rigorous, college-and-career-ready standards with effective curricula, instructional strategies, and assessments to achieve them.

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Selective hiring, development, and strategic assignment to schools and teams. Career path and compensation enable growth and reward contribution.

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Schools with restructured teams and schedules; personalized learning and support that responds to student needs and promotes instructional collaboration.

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Leadership roles with clear goals, accountability and career paths, and the flexibility and support to achieve results.

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A central office that serves as a strategy partner, leveraging data to increase efficiency and identify best practices.

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Systems that allocate resources—people, time, and money—equitably, according to student and school needs.

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Partnering with families, community institutions, youth service organizations, and online instructors to serve students’ needs.

Use Resource Check: Funding to assess how your district compares to best practice.
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