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School Design

Talent Management

Attract and retain the best teachers, and assign roles and responsibilities to match skills to school and student need.

What is the opportunity?

In a typical system, hiring  simply fills vacancies. Teachers have traditional roles that don’t leverage their unique talents, and high performers leave at higher rates than others.

With Strategic School Design, school leaders hire based on their school design needs and gaps in staff expertise. School leaders retain high performers by giving them additional responsibilities and opportunities for impact, recognition, and pay. Underperformers are efficiently exited. Teacher roles use teacher time and assets to meet diverse student needs, extend the reach of strong performers, and advance school goals.

Dig Deeper

Ranson and Ashley Park Reorganize for Teacher Teams

Listen to principals at Ashley Park PreK-8 and Ranson IB Middle in Charlotte, North Carolina, tell why they chose to work with teachers to choose new job models that would suit their schools best, and share how an Opportunity Culture helps recruit and retain great teachers.

Nashville Multi-Classroom Leaders in an Opportunity Culture

Watch how multi-classroom leaders in Opportunity Culture schools in Metro Nashville share thoughts about why they love their jobs, in this video from Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture Initiative.

Explore School Check and complete your own healthy school check-up in just a few minutes by answering a series of questions about strategic resource use. 

Start by focusing on the Talent Management section.


Open an ERS account and explore School Designer, our five-step, interactive tool that leads principals, teachers, and central office staff through the Strategic School Design process.

Checklist: Teacher Leadership and Career Pathways

Complete this checklist to define key steps to successful, sustainable, and scalable career pathways that strengthen school leadership, accelerate teacher and student learning, and enrich the teaching career.

Building a Talent Decision Map

Use this tool to create coherence among the roles of teachers, principals, principal supervisors, and the central office, using "guiding questions" to help make decisions.


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