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Advance your long-term goals. Set your budget target, then draw cards to achieve it. It's not about luck ... it's about making smart trade-offs.

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Smart trade-offs are the name of the game.

We can't afford to just cut. Achieving educational and budgetary goals requires school leaders to think differently about how they balance reductions and investments. The good news is that today's budget realities offer an opportunity to discover how strategic reallocation of resources can change the game – yielding improvements in education while saving money. Learn more »

Are we gambling with our children's education?

Education funding decisions should never be left to chance. Budget Hold'em for Schools is more than a game...it's an interactive exploration of the thoughtful trade-offs school leaders have to make in these challenging budget times.

Playing the right cards can create lasting improvement — transforming your school to make the most of every budget dollar, while increasing student success.

Play Hold’em individually or with your colleagues. Then let us know what you think!