This initiative supports English Learners and/or low income students.

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LCAP State Priorities:
Basic-- teacher appropriate assignment
Implementation of state standards
Parental involvement
Pupil achievement
Pupil engagement
School climate
Course access
Other pupil outcomes

Overall Student
Achievement Impact

positive impact on student achievement
negative impact on student achievement

budget change


Put Your Hand Into Action

Now that you've selected a hand, learn how to put it into action. ERS' series of hands-on guides and assessments allow you to better understand your district's potential for transformation and explore additional trade-offs within your own district context.

Resource Check for Parents - California

As part of the LCAP process, districts must engage community members. Use Resource Check for Parents to gauge where this critical group thinks the district should prioritize its resources. Based on the same framework as Resource Check so you can easily compare results between public stakeholders and district leadership. Resource Check for Parents - California

Seven Strategies for District Transformation

Introducing ERS' seven common resource misalignments that prevent districts and schools from reaching their potential and the seven strategies to correct them.

The Teaching Job: Restructuring for Effectiveness

Are you committed to ensuring teachers are well-matched with students, teams of colleagues, expert support and the right level of compensation? This guide provides hands-on exercises to measure and take action to improve effectiveness, hiring, individual teacher growth, school-based support, and compensation.

School Design: Leveraging Talent, Time, and Money

How well do you organize school-based resources to support teaching quality and individual attention around core subjects? How efficiently and effectively do your programs and schools serve your students? This guide shows you how schedules, student grouping, teacher and student assignment, and Special Education placement can help you make the most of your school resources.

School Funding Systems: Equity, Transparency, Flexibility

Do you know where all your school dollars are going? Is per pupil funding equitable across schools and student groups? This guide helps you identify unseen imbalances in spending and to look closely at variances caused by school sizes and personnel, special programs and student populations so that you ensure that schools and students are getting the resources they need.

Turnaround Schools: District Strategies for Success and Sustainability

Do you have a set of low-performing schools that need additional support to succeed in the long run? Starting with an assessment of student, school, and staff needs, this guide helps you determine the best interventions for your schools, including ways to build leadership and teaching capacity, support at-risk students, and provide additional time and attention to accelerate learning.

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