This initiative supports English Learners and/or low income students.

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LCAP State Priorities:
Basic-- teacher appropriate assignment
Implementation of state standards
Parental involvement
Pupil achievement
Pupil engagement
School climate
Course access
Other pupil outcomes

Overall Student
Achievement Impact

positive impact on student achievement
negative impact on student achievement

budget change


Rank Your Hand – Do Your Choices Lead to Transformation?

LCFF includes many ambitious goals, including a significant reinvestment in education after years of budget cuts. Districts have a clear choice – do more of the same, or seize the moment so California leads the nation in creating systems that ensure all students reach new, higher standards. The better hands reflect transformational investments that help fundamentally transform how your district uses its resources. Rank your hand by seeing how many times you can answer yes to the questions below. Does your hand…

  • restructure compensation to link to individual and team contribution?
  • rethink standardized class size models to target individual attention?
  • use existing time to meet student and teacher needs and extend in critical areas?
  • redirect Special Education spending to early intervention and targeted individual attention in general education settings?
  • maximize use of buildings and land?
  • invest to support and develop leadership?
  • leverage technology and community partners?
  • increase efficiency of operations, programs and administration?

Try again: Think about your priorities, think about what you picked, and build a new hand. Create a free ERS account to save and manage your hands.

Additional resources from ERS to help you transform your California district

ERS is working closely with the California Collaborative on District Reform on how districts can seize this moment of increasing budgets under LCFF to achieve transformation. Read about tools to help your district in our paper and blogs

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