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Put Your Hand Into Action

Now that you've selected a hand, learn how to put it into action. ERS' series of hands-on guides and assessments allow you to better understand your district's school’s potential for transformation and explore additional trade-offs within your own district school context.

School Design: Leveraging Talent, Time, and Money

How well do you organize school-based resources to support teaching quality and individual attention around core subjects? How efficiently and effectively do your programs and schools serve your students? This guide shows you how schedules, student grouping, teacher and student assignment, and Special Education placement can help you make the most of your school resources.

School Designer

With the right support, school systems can transform the school planning process from one of compliance to one of strategy and innovation. School Designer integrates districts’ planning and budgeting processes so key resource decisions are tightly aligned with its needs and improvement strategy. It also provides the full suite of ERS’ publicly available school design curriculum.

School Check

Improving your student performance starts with making sure your resource decisions are aligned with your goals for improving performance. School Check is a self-assessment survey designed to help you do a healthy school check-up.

School Design in Action

Explore detailed, interactive profiles of schools optimizing people, time, and money to meet student and staff needs.

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