budget change


Rank Your Hand – Do Your Choices Lead to Transformation?

Budget changes offer an opportunity for school leaders to rethink how to organize their resources strategically to align to student need. As hard as tough times can be, shrinking budgets provide the opportunity to make bold changes. Better hands reflect transformational investments that help your district to do more with less build the capacity of teachers, provide differentiated supports to struggling students, and cultivate a positive and supportive school culture, while identifying areas to save that don’t negatively impact students. Rank your hand by seeing how many times you can answer yes to the questions below. Does your hand Does your hand...

  • Promote a positive, adult culture that aligns teachers around a shared instructional vision and measurable goals for student progress?
  • Ensure teaching teams have sufficient time and expert support for meaningful collaborative work?
  • Build the capacity and leadership of teachers through differentiated roles and leadership opportunities?
  • Leverage class size, technology, and community partners to reallocate resources to the neediest students?
  • Create student schedules that provide personalized learning opportunities that meet student neeed?
  • Develop values, routines, and behaviors that drive a positive student culture where students are deeply known and supported?

Try again: Think about your priorities, think about what you picked, and build a new hand. Create a free ERS account to save and manage your hands.

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