10 Year Anniversary Timeline

This timeline celebrates 10 years of progress across education reform—not just ERS' work, but in the actions of districts, states, the federal government, influential organizations, and foundations.

While we are still far from our goal of ensuring that every school succeeds for every student, we are Getting There—which is the theme of our 10th anniversary year. We created this timeline not just about ERS' work to date, but to celebrate the milestones of diverse actors across the country; and not as a complete picture, but as a work-in-progress—an interactive, evolving picture of just some of the amazing work that has happened. We invite you to send us suggestions for milestones, or feedback on the technology. We hope to highlight:

  • Ways that systems are organizing people, time, and money to better meet student needs
  • Efforts to "reinvent the system" and create the enabling conditions for every school to succeed for every student

Join us in celebrating how far we've all come, and envisioning where we still need to go. 

Please read the instructions first. There is a lot to see and this will help. You can find them again at "About This Timeline."
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We need your input to capture the full story of change over the past 10 years. Send us an email at afry@erstrategies.org to add a milestone to the timeline. Examples of what we are looking for:

  • Influential legislation
  • Influential reports or articles
  • The start of an important project or program
  • Examples of reach or impact
  • Policy or other changes at the district level
  • And more…!

We hope to highlight how more and more districts and states are using data, allocating resources effectively to meet student needs, taking a system-wide view, and making change in areas covered by School System 20/20: for example, experimenting with school design, focusing on equity, transparency, and flexibility in funding, professionalizing teaching, supporting leaders, improving school support and more.


ERS was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2005—though the foundations of our work began much before that.

In the past 10 years, we have partnered with 27 urban school districts and worked with dozens more through four state-level projects. This represents over 2 million low income students, or nearly 1 in 10 of all students eligible for free-and-reduced-price-lunch across the country. We are dedicated to transforming how large urban school districts organize resources—people, time, technology, and money—so that every school succeeds for every student.

In 2015 we celebrate “Getting There,” as we look back on our work thus far, celebrate with our partners, and plan how to reach our School System 20/20 vision. We are so honored to have worked with countless partners whose dedication and endless energy make a difference for more and more kids.