Who We Are

Transforming School Systems.
Driving Student Success.

Education Resource Strategies (ERS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming how urban school systems organize resources—people, time, technology, and money—so that every school succeeds for every student.

Our Experience

ERS is the only organization with nearly 10 years of experience working with the largest urban school systems in the country on strategic resource allocation. 

We have worked hand-in-hand with nearly 30 school systems nationwide, including 16 of the 100 largest urban districts, on topics such as teacher compensation and career path, funding equity, school design, central office support, and budget development. We also share research and practical tools based on our extensive dataset, and we collaborate with others to create the conditions for change in education.

In all of our work, we focus on the larger picture—how resources work together to create high-performing systems. Our non-profit status enables a different kind of partnership with districts and states: one where we participate in the transformation struggle, create insights together, and share lessons with others. Learn more about what we do.

 "The challenges are daunting, but they present an incredible opportunity. An opportunity to think big and boldly and transformatively"
-Brian Pick, Deputy Chief Academic Officer,
District of Columbia Public Schools [ERS Partner District]

The Challenge

Our educational system is at a crossroads. We are failing to teach all students basic skills, let alone preparing them for college and careers in the information age. The world has evolved—but schools have changed little in 50 years.

We need a new kind of system—one that starts with student needs and allocates scarce resources like talent, time, and technology to meet those needs in a sustainable way. A host of forces make now the moment for transformation: greater focus on teacher effectiveness, more rigorous standards, better assessment data, and the explosion of technology. Continued budget pressures mean that we cannot try to do more with less; we must reinvent. We must make the most of the resources we have. 

At ERS, we are optimistic about the prospects for dramatic improvement and convinced that the solution lies in redesigning school systems to better meet student needs. Not all schools are failing—some beat the odds despite adversity. We are working to transform entire systems so that all students reach their potential.

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"We propose to transform our use of resources. We will better align our people, time, and money with our priorities."
 -Dr. Peter Gorman, former Superintendent, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools,
State of Our Schools Speech November 2009 [ERS Partner District]