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  • The Rewards of Perseverance: A Case Study of Aldine Independent School District (AISD)

    The Power of a Systemwide Focus on Students, Teachers, and Leaders

    Aldine Independent School District has faced daunting challenges and achieved impressive results since the early 1990s. This School System 20/20 case study explores how they did it. More »

  • School System 20/20 Overview

    ERS is now working with selected districts to perform the School System 20/20 Diagnostic—a data-informed, holistic series of assessments to help leaders in their efforts to redesign school systems. It is made up of three parts: A vision of school system success, comprising seven key areas of... More »

  • Back from the Brink: A Case Study of Lawrence Public Schools

    How a Bold Vision and a Focus on Resources Can Drive System Improvement

    In 2011, Lawrence Public Schools was the first district that Massachusetts placed into state receivership due to poor performance. By 2014, things had dramatically changed for the better. This case study explores how a bold vision and effective use of resources can lead to big improvements. More »

  • Putting the Pieces Together: Sustainable Funding for Expanded Time in Public Schools

    A large body of research points to the benefits of Expanded Learning Time (ELT). But reliable funding for this extra time is a big challenge for many districts and schools. This study explores options to find sustainable funding within districts. More »

  • Designing Schools that Work

    Organizing Resources Strategically for Student Success

    This publication outlines the fundamental principles and process of Strategic School Design. Through more than a decade of research and practice in the area of school resource use, we have found that high-performing schools are responding to the changing context in education by using people,... More »

  • A New Vision of Partnership Between Districts and States [Video]

    In this video, school district leaders from New York State share their plans for reallocating resources to meet student needs, and their vision for the state to help them succeed. More »

  • School System 20/20 Assessments and Metrics

    In this first version of School System 20/20 Assessments and Metrics, Education Resource Strategies provides the details of the questions and metrics used in case studies of Lawrence, Massachusetts and Aldine, Texas. More »

  • Following the Dollars to the Classroom Door

    Why and How Effective Student-Based Budgeting Must be Linked with Strategic School Design

    More and more districts—and several states—are adopting funding models like student-based budgeting (also called weighted student funding or fair student funding) to increase equity and promote principal autonomy. Giving school leaders new resources and new flexibility is a good first step, but... More »

  • Do More, Add More, Earn More

    Teacher Salary Redesign Lessons from 10 First-Mover Districts

    Effective teachers are the biggest in-school factor related to student success. Across the country, a diverse set of districts are pioneering innovative approaches to teacher compensation that reward their best teachers and raise compensation overall. This report reveals the key policy decisions... More »

  • Spinning Straw into Gold

    How State Education Agencies can Transform their Data to Improve Critical School Resource Decisions

    K–12 education resources are often allocated non-strategically, with schools spending time and money on activities that have little relationship to student outcomes. States can help districts use data more effectively to make the best decisions in the interests of students. More »

  • Tools for California Districts

    California-Specific Tools for Resource Use and Budgeting

    With the enactment of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) in 2013, California districts face an unprecedented opportunity to make big changes. With increased budgets and more flexibility, now is the time to consider how all resources are used, not just the incremental funds. More »

  • Return on Investment in Education

    A "System-Strategy" Approach

    Recently, there has been growing interest in adapting Return on Investment thinking to education. But most ROI analysis still misses a big opportunity. Education leaders need a new approach—one we call System-Strategy ROI. More »

  • The New Education CFO

    From Scorekeeper to Strategic Leader

    In recent years, school districts have found themselves in turbulent waters. They face quickly rising academic standards, a greater focus on teacher effectiveness, rapidly changing technology, and the more complex task of preparing students for college and careers in the 21st century. Given the... More »

  • The Path Forward

    School Autonomy and Its Implications for the Future of Boston’s Public Schools

    Researchers explored the effects of current school autonomy structures on Boston's public school operations and leadership, and looked at case studies from five other U.S. cities, drawing on those in part to lay out seven recommendations for expanding autonomies that can strategically allocate... More »

  • Seizing the Moment for Transformation in California

    California's Local Control Funding Formula

    In 2013 California adopted a new funding formula that significantly reinvests in public education. We offer seven ideas for how districts can seize this moment of change to transform how they use people, time, and money to meet student and teacher needs. More »

  • Student-Based Budgeting Webinar

    View the Recent Webinar on Transforming School Funding

    The following is a video recording of our April 3 webinar on student-based budgeting, based off our recent publication, "Transforming School Funding: A Guide to Implementing Student-Based Budgeting." More »

  • School Design in Action

    Detailed Profiles of How Schools are Optimizing People, Time, and Money

    School Design in Action is a new section of our website that features interactive portraits of schools that are optimizing resources for student success. More »

  • Transforming School Funding: A Guide to Implementing Student-Based Budgeting

    Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) allocates dollars to schools based on the number of enrolled students, where each student receives a funding "weight" based on need. In this Guide, you will find the key decisions and practical steps necessary for considering whether SBB is right for your school system. More »

  • Video Lesson: Budgeting for Equity

    "Budgeting for Equity" was a video lesson given by ERS' Executive Director Karen Hawley Miles. The lesson focuses on three things:- defining funding equity in school systems- identifying inequity- identifying ways to address that inequity   More »

  • Professional Growth & Support Interactive Presentation

    A narrated PowerPoint presentation by ERS that introduces the key concepts and findings around teacher Professional Growth & Support. More »

  • First Steps

    What School Systems Can Do Right Now to Improve Teacher Compensation and Career Path

    Part of a series of ERS publications on teacher compensation, this paper explores four steps districts can take now for sustained impact on teacher effectiveness. More »

  • Spare Some Change: Smarter District Resource Use for Transformational Schools

    A Roadmap for Education Reform

    As a part of Pathways to Success for Milwaukee Public Schools, a project of the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, the authors identify characteristics of an effective funding system in Milwaukee and beyond. More »

  • Professional Growth & Support Case Studies

    Promising Practices at Achievement First, Agile Mind, Teach Plus, and Aspire Public Schools

    Four case studies exploring how school systems have implemented a strategic approach to improving teaching effectiveness. More »

  • A New Vision for Teacher Professional Growth & Support

    Six Steps to a More Powerful School System Strategy

    In this publication, ERS expands the traditional definition of teacher Professional Development to Professional Growth & Support, which includes any use of people, time, and money that targets improvement of teaching. More »

  • Video: Strategic Resources in Action

    Georgia's Vidalia City Schools Shows How to Leverage People, Time, and Money

    Vidalia City Schools is one shining example of a district that strategically leverages its people, time, and money in the face of low funding levels and has seen steady growth in... More »

  • ERS' Teacher Compensation Workshop

    School districts have the responsibility to design a compensation structure that maximizes their ability to meet teacher recruitment and retention goals within the context of long-term fiscal sustainability. ERS has created this Teacher Compensation Workshop to help leaders bring together... More »

  • Misfit Structures & Lost Opportunities

    The Urgent Case for Restructuring Teacher Compensation and Career Paths

    One out of a series of three ERS publications on teacher compensation, this paper explores how to rethink compensation and career paths to attract and retain the most effective teachers. More »

  • Why Now?

    District Leaders Express Why we Need to Make Bold Changes Today

    Hear from: Sam Franklin, Executive Director of the Office of Teacher Effectiveness, Pittsburgh Public Schools Brian Pick, Deputy Chief Academic Officer, D.C. Public Schools Alyssa Whitehead-Bust, Chief of Innovation and Reform, Denver Public Schools José M. Torres, Superintendent of School... More »

  • School System 20/20 Infographic

    Re-envision School Systems for Great Schools at Scale

    The School System 20/20 infographic lets you see the possibilities for system transformation through ERS' seven-strategy framework. It illustrates the challenges to reallocating people, time, and money, so that every school succeeds for every child, and it shows what's possible. View the... More »

  • Resource Check™

    Assess your District’s Resource Use

    This web-based tool is designed to help you dive into the transformational strategies that lead to better resource use. Resource Check is a questionaire that tallies and analyzes your responses to show how close you are to best practices and where you need improvement. More »