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  • School Design Analyses and Worksheets: Section 4

    Serving Special Populations Effectively

    The School Design worksheet series includes worksheets with step-by-step instructions to help you calculate and measure effective school design and portfolio management. These analyses can help identify your largest challenges and greatest opportunities for action. Armed with this knowledge, you... More »

  • School Design Analyses and Worksheets: Section 5

    Portfolio Management

    The School Design worksheet series includes worksheets with step-by-step instructions to help you calculate and measure effective school design and portfolio management. These analyses can help identify your largest challenges and greatest opportunities for action. Armed with this knowledge, you... More »

  • Denver Public Schools: ERS Resource Mapping Summary Report

    In January 2012, ERS delivered a public presentation to the Denver Public Schools Board of Education which summarized the results and recommendations stemming from of our year-long Resource Mapping project. More »

  • The Resourceful School: Turning Crisis into Opportunity

    Turning Crisis into Opportunity

    The December 2011 Issue of Education Leadership focuses on tough times and strategies for making the most of decreasing budgets. ERS’ Karen Hawley Miles and Naomi Calvo (formerly from ERS, now at Bellevue School District, WA) authored one of the articles that explores how schools are using tough... More »

  • Transformation or Decline?

    Using Tough Times to Create Higher-Performing Schools

    Tough times provide school districts with the opportunity to make big changes, helping alleviate the budget pressure in the short term and create a new foundation that will provide the districts with long-term success. ERS Executive Director Karen Hawley Miles writes about strategies for... More »

  • A Strategic Spending Review of Syracuse City School District

    ERS final report summarizing research on the Syracuse City School District (SCSD) and the participative community “work-out” process that was held in response to research results. The report shows how SCSD is in a strong position to improve and deliver on its promise for all children, but that to... More »

  • Moving Beyond Test Scores

    Moving Beyond Test Scores: Education Week Commentary

    Policymakers and decision-makers around the country are embracing the challenge of improving teaching effectiveness like never before. But much of the current discussion focuses too narrowly on using evaluation tools that rely heavily on student test scores to fire underperforming teachers and to... More »

  • Two At-Risk Students

    Using Data to Explore Why One Stays on Track and the Other Drops Out

    At times, students with similar backgrounds can achieve markedly different results. One student may graduate and go on to college. Another may drop out. In this Slideshare presentation based on actual district data, learn how seemingly insignificant differences in instruction and district... More »

  • Breaking the Cycle of Failure in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

    In this case study of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Strategic Staffing Initiative, Education Resource Strategies (ERS) and the Aspen Institute tell the important story of how one district is harnessing the critical levers of school leadership and teaching excellence to turnaround schools in the... More »

  • Are You Getting the Most Out of Your ARRA Spending?

    These are tough times for schools and districts, and they will get tougher. Federal stimulus funds have created some breathing room, but unless districts use these funds to plan for and invest in fundamental changes to their underlying cost structures, they will have lost the historic opportunity... More »

  • Realigning Resources for District Transformation

    Using ARRA Funds to Advance a Strategic Education Reform Agenda

    This paper, written with the Center for American Progress, gives state and district leaders 15 concrete ways to use all resources—current and new—for long-term transformation. More »

  • Cost of Small High Schools: A Literature Review

    In this review, we consider the limited research on small high school expenditures, resource use, and constraints to understand the key questions surrounding the cost of small high schools and to identify further areas for investigation. More »

  • Case Studies of Leading Edge Small Urban High Schools

    These nine detailed case studies of small urban high schools served as the foundation for ERS’ report Strategic Designs: Lessons from Leading Edge Small Urban High Schools. We dubbed these nine schools “leading edge schools” because they stand apart from other high schools across the country in... More »

  • By Design Not Default

    Optimizing District Spending on Small High Schools

    School districts across the country are redesigning their portfolios of high schools to include more small high schools. Over the past three years, Education Resource Strategies (ERS), with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, partnered with both schools and districts to understand... More »

  • District Spending in Small and Large High Schools

    Lessons from Baltimore City, Boston, and Chicago

    Do districts have to spend more to create small schools? This report finds that three large urban districts spend more on small high schools than on large high schools — but they don’t necessarily have to. While this higher spending is not necessarily undesirable, it is also not always... More »

  • The Strategic School

    Making the Most of People, Time, and Money

    How can schools best use the resources they already have? That question is at the heart of this inspiring book for school and district administrators challenged with increasing student performance without additional funding. Exploring the link between purposeful resource allocation and academic... More »

  • Five Case Studies on Revising School Schedules

    As schools implement comprehensive reform efforts, many are finding the value of juggling the school schedule to provide two important resources for supporting the reform effort: common planning time for teachers, and in elementary schools, literacy blocks (extended time for teaching and... More »

  • Rethinking School Resources

    Today’s challenging goals change the job of teaching and the needs for resources. Yet the basic organization of schools looks much the same as it did fifty years ago. This brief presents the reasons for re-examining the way school resources are organized, a framework for doing so and some... More »

  • Rethinking School System Resources to Create Excellence and Equity

    This New American Schools District Issues Brief provides an overview of three challenges related to the use and organization of resources as districts move to create higher performing schools. Four additional briefs listed in the end-notes discuss these critical areas of resource allocation in... More »

  • Realigning Resources for District Success

    Duval County Public Schools Final Report

    After one year of in-depth resource analysis, ERS released a report on Duval County Public Schools (DCPS), Realigning Resources for District Success. The report provides a blueprint for the district, presenting in detail significant opportunities where the district can improve student outcomes... More »

  • How States Can Support Transformation in Tough Times

    Presentation to the Council for Chief State School Officers, Moving Forward Conference

    With escalating education costs in a time of declining school budgets, ERS articulates for state leaders opportunities to shift scarce funds toward the most critical areas. ERS Executive Director Karen Hawley Miles gave this presentation in Chicago at the conference Moving Forward with a... More »

  • Making Strategic Resource Decisions

    This chapter of Smart Money: Using Educational Resources to Accomplish Ambitious Learning Goals, edited by Jacob Adams, provides a framework for describing strategic school resource use and the typical sources of resource misalignment. It describes key categories of resource decisions and... More »

  • Taking Stock of the Fiscal Costs of Expanded Learning Time

    With increasing demands for improved student performance, many education policymakers are considering reforms that would expand learning time for all students. In fact, there are now numerous examples of individual schools that have implemented some form of expanded learning. This paper discusses... More »