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  • Partners District Story: Charlotte-Mecklenburg

    Impacting an Urban Education through Community Partnerships

    Despite success turning around many of its lowest-performing schools, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District found that nine of its schools were still struggling. To improve these schools, the district needed to reach beyond the­­ schoolyards to the communities that surround them in order to... More »

  • Why Now?

    District Leaders Express Why we Need to Make Bold Changes Today

    Hear from: Sam Franklin, Executive Director of the Office of Teacher Effectiveness, Pittsburgh Public Schools Brian Pick, Deputy Chief Academic Officer, D.C. Public Schools Alyssa Whitehead-Bust, Chief of Innovation and Reform, Denver Public Schools José M. Torres, Superintendent of School... More »

  • School System 20/20 Infographic

    Re-envision School Systems for Great Schools at Scale

    The School System 20/20 infographic lets you see the possibilities for system transformation through ERS' seven-strategy framework. It illustrates the challenges to reallocating people, time, and money, so that every school succeeds for every child, and it shows what's possible. View the... More »

  • Resource Check™

    Assess your District’s Resource Use

    This web-based tool is designed to help you dive into the transformational strategies that lead to better resource use. Resource Check is a questionaire that tallies and analyzes your responses to show how close you are to best practices and where you need improvement. More »

  • Transformation or Decline?

    Using Tough Times to Create Higher-Performing Schools

    Tough times provide school districts with the opportunity to make big changes, helping alleviate the budget pressure in the short term and create a new foundation that will provide the districts with long-term success. ERS Executive Director Karen Hawley Miles writes about strategies for... More »

  • A Strategic Spending Review of Syracuse City School District

    ERS final report summarizing research on the Syracuse City School District (SCSD) and the participative community “work-out” process that was held in response to research results. The report shows how SCSD is in a strong position to improve and deliver on its promise for all children, but that to... More »

  • Realigning Resources for District Transformation

    Using ARRA Funds to Advance a Strategic Education Reform Agenda

    This paper, written with the Center for American Progress, gives state and district leaders 15 concrete ways to use all resources—current and new—for long-term transformation. More »