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  • The New Education CFO

    From Scorekeeper to Strategic Leader

    In recent years, school districts have found themselves in turbulent waters. They face quickly rising academic standards, a greater focus on teacher effectiveness, rapidly changing technology, and the more complex task of preparing students for college and careers in the 21st century. Given the... More »

  • The Path Forward

    School Autonomy and Its Implications for the Future of Boston’s Public Schools

    Researchers explored the effects of current school autonomy structures on Boston's public school operations and leadership, and looked at case studies from five other U.S. cities, drawing on those in part to lay out seven recommendations for expanding autonomies that can strategically allocate... More »

  • Transforming School Funding: A Guide to Implementing Student-Based Budgeting

    Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) allocates dollars to schools based on the number of enrolled students, where each student receives a funding "weight" based on need. In this Guide, you will find the key decisions and practical steps necessary for considering whether SBB is right for your school system. More »


    A New Way to Explore School Budgets

    You can do less with less, or you can change your district's cost model by rethinking how schools and systems are structured. DREAM allows you to adjust key cost levers in your district and instantly see how these changes impact your budget and other critical measures. More »

  • Leadership District Story: Charlotte-Mecklenburg

    A Great Leader in Every School

    In 2006, Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District made a bold move. It began to strategically staff a subset of its lowest-performing schools with its district’s best principals. Five years later, 27 schools have truly turned around–double-digit student performance gains, teachers working together... More »

  • Why Now?

    District Leaders Express Why we Need to Make Bold Changes Today

    Hear from: Sam Franklin, Executive Director of the Office of Teacher Effectiveness, Pittsburgh Public Schools Brian Pick, Deputy Chief Academic Officer, D.C. Public Schools Alyssa Whitehead-Bust, Chief of Innovation and Reform, Denver Public Schools José M. Torres, Superintendent of School... More »

  • School System 20/20 Infographic

    Re-envision School Systems for Great Schools at Scale

    The School System 20/20 infographic lets you see the possibilities for system transformation through ERS' seven-strategy framework. It illustrates the challenges to reallocating people, time, and money, so that every school succeeds for every child, and it shows what's possible. View the... More »

  • Resource Check™

    Assess your District’s Resource Use

    This web-based tool is designed to help you dive into the transformational strategies that lead to better resource use. Resource Check is a questionaire that tallies and analyzes your responses to show how close you are to best practices and where you need improvement. More »

  • Transformation or Decline?

    Using Tough Times to Create Higher-Performing Schools

    Tough times provide school districts with the opportunity to make big changes, helping alleviate the budget pressure in the short term and create a new foundation that will provide the districts with long-term success. ERS Executive Director Karen Hawley Miles writes about strategies for... More »

  • Realigning Resources for District Transformation

    Using ARRA Funds to Advance a Strategic Education Reform Agenda

    This paper, written with the Center for American Progress, gives state and district leaders 15 concrete ways to use all resources—current and new—for long-term transformation. More »

  • Realigning Resources for District Success

    Duval County Public Schools Final Report

    After one year of in-depth resource analysis, ERS released a report on Duval County Public Schools (DCPS), Realigning Resources for District Success. The report provides a blueprint for the district, presenting in detail significant opportunities where the district can improve student outcomes... More »