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  • Leveraging System Transformation to Improve Student Results

    ERS' School System 20/20 Analysis of Denver Public Schools

    The following presentation summarizes the findings from our recent work in Denver Public Schools. These findings were the result of our School System 20/20 diagnostic of the district, which we presented to the leadership team, board of education, and members of the Denver education community on... More »

  • The Rewards of Perseverance: A Case Study of Aldine Independent School District (AISD)

    The Power of a Systemwide Focus on Students, Teachers, and Leaders

    Aldine Independent School District has faced daunting challenges and achieved impressive results since the early 1990s. This School System 20/20 case study explores how they did it. More »

  • Spending in Philadelphia Schools

    Summary of ERS Analysis in the School District of Philadelphia

    This PowerPoint presentation summarizes the findings from Education Resource Strategies in the School District of Philadelphia (SDP). We partnered with SDP in the 2014-2015 school year to conduct an analysis of resource use. More »

  • Following the Dollars to the Classroom Door

    Why and How Effective Student-Based Budgeting Must be Linked with Strategic School Design

    More and more districts—and several states—are adopting funding models like student-based budgeting (also called weighted student funding or fair student funding) to increase equity and promote principal autonomy. Giving school leaders new resources and new flexibility is a good first step, but... More »

  • Back from the Brink: A Case Study of Lawrence Public Schools

    How a Bold Vision and a Focus on Resources Can Drive System Improvement

    In 2011, Lawrence Public Schools was the first district that Massachusetts placed into state receivership due to poor performance. By 2014, things had dramatically changed for the better. This case study explores how a bold vision and effective use of resources can lead to big improvements. More »

  • Six Opportunities to Restructure Education Resources in Georgia

    From 2012 to 2013, ERS partnered with the Georgia Department of Education to address how the state and a few districts manage their resources. These reports highlight three opportunities to reallocate resources and three ways the state can better support districts More »

  • The Path Forward

    School Autonomy and Its Implications for the Future of Boston’s Public Schools

    Researchers explored the effects of current school autonomy structures on Boston's public school operations and leadership, and looked at case studies from five other U.S. cities, drawing on those in part to lay out seven recommendations for expanding autonomies that can strategically allocate... More »

  • Fair Student Funding in Baltimore City

    A Lever for Transformation

    This full report of Baltimore Public Schools (City Schools) explores the implementation process and results of a fair student funding system. Fair Student Funding in Baltimore City (PDF) More »

  • Fair Student Funding and Other Reforms

    Baltimore’s Plan for Equity, Empowerment, Accountability and Improvement

    After examining Baltimore City Public Schools' implementation of fair student funding and accompanying reforms, ERS shares the extent to which City Schools met the objectives and summarizes key lessons learned. Fair Student Funding and Other Reforms (PDF) More »

  • Denver Public Schools: ERS Resource Mapping Summary Report

    In January 2012, ERS delivered a public presentation to the Denver Public Schools Board of Education which summarized the results and recommendations stemming from of our year-long Resource Mapping project. More »

  • A Strategic Spending Review of Syracuse City School District

    ERS final report summarizing research on the Syracuse City School District (SCSD) and the participative community “work-out” process that was held in response to research results. The report shows how SCSD is in a strong position to improve and deliver on its promise for all children, but that to... More »

  • Breaking the Cycle of Failure in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

    In this case study of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Strategic Staffing Initiative, Education Resource Strategies (ERS) and the Aspen Institute tell the important story of how one district is harnessing the critical levers of school leadership and teaching excellence to turnaround schools in the... More »

  • School Budget Report for School District of Philadelphia: 2008-2009

    In the fall of 2007, Education Resource Strategies (ERS) was invited by Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission to conduct a Resource Use Analysis for the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) that would in part inform a possible transition to weighted student funding. In January 2009, ERS... More »

  • Realigning Resources for District Success

    Duval County Public Schools Final Report

    After one year of in-depth resource analysis, ERS released a report on Duval County Public Schools (DCPS), Realigning Resources for District Success. The report provides a blueprint for the district, presenting in detail significant opportunities where the district can improve student outcomes... More »

  • Strategic Professional Development Review of the School District of Philadelphia

    This report reviews the School District of Philadelphia’s (SDP) use of professional development resources. Despite Philadelphia’s low and unstable funding of professional development, ERS identifies ten opportunities SDP has to improve its teaching quality and leadership capacity. Most... More »

  • Toward a Strategic Use of Resources in Saint Paul Public Schools

    A Review of the SPSS FY2006 Spending Strategy with Recommendations

    In the Fall of 2006, Education Resource Strategies (ERS) was invited by Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) to study the use of resources in the district and create priority recommendations to inform the district’s strategic plan. Saint Paul is in a situation where overall enrollment is declining... More »

  • Strategic Review of District and School Resources in LAUSD

    In the fall of 2006, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the Unified Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that called for a third-party research firm to analyze resource use across the Los Angeles school system. Education Resource Strategies (ERS)... More »

  • Becoming a Capable and Accountable System

    In 2003–2004, ERS and the Annenberg Institute for School Reform analyzed how Baltimore City Public School System utilizes its professional development resources and examined the alignment of the district and state curriculum and the quality of instruction in literacy and mathematics as delivered... More »

  • Chicago Public Schools Professional Development Project

    This project began as a result of a concern about how to strengthen the professional development of teachers and leaders throughout the Chicago Public Schools. Leaders of the district as well as of the philanthropic community More »

  • Getting to the Heart of School Improvement

    Integrating Professional Development Spending in the Cincinnati Public Schools

    Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) is now four years into implementing Student’s First, a powerful strategic plan for improving student performance. This report, requested by Superintendent Steven Adamowski and his leadership team, examines district spending and activities related to providing the... More »

  • Professional Development Spending in the Boston Public Schools

    A Joint Report of the Boston Plan for Excellence and the Boston Public Schools

    ERS supported Boston Public Schools and the Boston Plan for Excellence-Boston Annenberg Challenge in conducting an in-depth analysis of the district’s existing professional development spending in 1998-1999. The findings in this study lead unmistakably to the conclusion that, at least for the... More »