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  • Resource Check Webinar

    Dr. Shawn Wightman of Marysville Public Schools talks about how he used Resource Check to create his strategic plan as a new superintendent. More »

  • Making Dollars Work for Students

    A Webinar on How and Why to Link Student-Based Budgeting with Strategic School Design

    This webinar is based on our publication, Following the Dollars to the Classroom Door, and explores why and how to turn student-based budgeting into an academic reform strategy, not just a funding model. ERS' Jonathan Travers shared seven critical success factors that emerged from our multi-year... More »

  • Student-Based Budgeting Webinar

    View the Recent Webinar on Transforming School Funding

    The following is a video recording of our April 3 webinar on student-based budgeting, based off our recent publication, "Transforming School Funding: A Guide to Implementing Student-Based Budgeting." More »

  • How to Facilitate a School Budget Hold’em Session

    A Recent Webinar Explored our Budget Trade-off Game

    Education Resource Strategies recently hosted a webinar on how to play the budget trade-off game called School Budget Hold'em. The game lets district leaders, and anyone involved in the budgeting process, select a winning hand of investment cards and savings cards—all with the aim of reaching... More »

  • Continuing to Improve Teaching Quality During Tough Economic Times

    ERS Director Regis Shields presented at EdWeek’s webinar, “Creating Effective Teacher Professional Development in Tough Economic Times.” To turn tough times into opportunity, districts must continue to invest in improving teaching quality, rethink all professional development resources and shed... More »