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  • Targeted Intervention at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School [VIDEO]

    Learn how one Boston high school catches students up and puts them on track for college and career

    The majority of students at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School—located in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood—enter 9th Grade significantly below grade level in reading or math. To catch students up, the Burke invests in a targeted intervention approach with a focus on the whole child to help get... More »

  • Schoolwide Values, Systems, and Routines at Ridge Road Middle School [Video]

    Ridge Road Middle School Puts School Design in Action with its Focus on School Culture and Personal Relatioships

    See how Ridge Road Middle School in Charlotte, NC, transformed its student and adult culture through instituting strong schoolwide systems and routines. More »

  • Data-Driven Instruction at Queens Metropolitan High School [Video]

    See What Data-Driven Instruction Looks Like at a New York City High School

    Data-driven instruction is the systematic use of common, standards-based assessments and other data to track student progress and adjust instruction and support—to drive meaningful improvements to teaching and learning. This short video highlights the teachers and school leaders at Queens... More »

  • Shared-Content Teams at UP Academy [Video]

    Strategic Teacher Collaboration to Improve Instruction

    See how UP Academy in Dorchester, a neighborhood in Boston, MA, has made dramatic academic improvements by focusing on strategic collaboration among teachers. More »

  • School Designer

    Get Support During the School Planning Process

    ERS’ School Designer tool integrates districts’ planning and budgeting processes so that key resource decisions, including those related to a school’s schedule, staffing plan, and budget, are tightly aligned with its needs and improvement strategy. More »

  • Co-teaching at Revere High School [VIDEO]

    Revere High School—located just outside Boston, MA—is successfully serving its students with disabilities using the co-teaching method. The school set up inclusive classrooms led by special education and general education staff to improve instruction for all students.  See how Revere is doing... More »

  • The Freshmen Academy of Revere High School [Video]

    Revere High School Turnaround Focuses on 9th Grade

    When Dr. Lourenço Garcia became principal of Revere High School in 2012, he recognized that this traditional school design would need to change to better serve students and meet rising standards. He and his staff reorganized resources and implemented a series of integrated changes, many of which... More »

  • A New Vision of Partnership Between Districts and States [Video]

    The New York State Department of Education experience

    In this video, school district leaders from New York State share their plans for reallocating resources to meet student needs, and their vision for the state to help them succeed. More »

  • Making Dollars Work for Students

    A Webinar on How and Why to Link Student-Based Budgeting with Strategic School Design

    This webinar is based on our publication, Following the Dollars to the Classroom Door, and explores why and how to turn student-based budgeting into an academic reform strategy, not just a funding model. ERS' Jonathan Travers shared seven critical success factors that emerged from our multi-year... More »

  • Building Professional Development [Video]

    See what the individual professional growth process looks like at the Match Community Day Charter School in Boston. This video illustrates the training, observations, and coaching sessions that make up the cycle of professional growth for teachers. Learn more about this video and professional... More »

  • Boston Public Schools: School Autonomy Working Group

    Video Shows How School Educators Assessed the Role of School Autonomy

    ERS worked with a cross-functional team from the Boston Public Schools (BPS) in 2014 to assess the role of school autonomy in improving student outcomes. This video pulls together some of that group's findings, which were included in the report The Path Forward: School Autonomy and Its... More »

  • Student-Based Budgeting Webinar

    View the Recent Webinar on Transforming School Funding

    The following is a video recording of our April 3 webinar on student-based budgeting, based off our recent publication, "Transforming School Funding: A Guide to Implementing Student-Based Budgeting." More »

  • Video Lesson: Budgeting for Equity

    "Budgeting for Equity" was a video lesson given by ERS' Executive Director Karen Hawley Miles. The lesson focuses on three things:- defining funding equity in school systems- identifying inequity- identifying ways to address that inequity   More »

  • Professional Growth & Support Interactive Presentation

    A narrated PowerPoint presentation by ERS that introduces the key concepts and findings around teacher Professional Growth & Support. More »

  • Student-Based Budgeting Video

    Tips for School Principals on Implementing a New Funding System

    This short video was created to offer advice to principals considering implementing a student-based budgeting system, also known as weighted-student funding. More »

  • Video: Strategic Resources in Action

    Georgia's Vidalia City Schools Shows How to Leverage People, Time, and Money

    Vidalia City Schools is one shining example of a district that strategically leverages its people, time, and money in the face of low funding levels and has seen steady growth in... More »

  • School Budget Hold'em Video: Balancing Quality with Big Savings

    Create a Winning Hand of Cards that Reach your Target Budget

    Our series of School Budget Hold'em winning hands videos illustrates how to reach a target budget reduction while prioritizing different areas. This video shows one way to balance quality with savings. More »

  • How to Facilitate a School Budget Hold’em Session

    A Recent Webinar Explored our Budget Trade-off Game

    Education Resource Strategies recently hosted a webinar on how to play the budget trade-off game called School Budget Hold'em. The game lets district leaders, and anyone involved in the budgeting process, select a winning hand of investment cards and savings cards—all with the aim of reaching... More »

  • ERS' Teacher Compensation Workshop

    School districts have the responsibility to design a compensation structure that maximizes their ability to meet teacher recruitment and retention goals within the context of long-term fiscal sustainability. ERS has created this Teacher Compensation Workshop to help leaders bring together... More »


    A New Way to Explore School Budgets

    You can do less with less, or you can change your district's cost model by rethinking how schools and systems are structured. DREAM allows you to adjust key cost levers in your district and instantly see how these changes impact your budget and other critical measures. More »

  • Standards and Instruction District Story: Washington, D.C.

    New Standards and Instructional Tools Empower D.C. Public Schools

    Ten years ago, D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) had 65,000 students. Today it has fewer than 45,000. The severe enrollment decline was a wake-up call for the district. Starting in 2007, DCPS focused on operations and effective staffing. Then, in 2010, once the right infrastructure and people were in... More »

  • Leadership District Story: Charlotte-Mecklenburg

    A Great Leader in Every School

    In 2006, Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District made a bold move. It began to strategically staff a subset of its lowest-performing schools with its district’s best principals. Five years later, 27 schools have truly turned around–double-digit student performance gains, teachers working together... More »

  • Partners District Story: Charlotte-Mecklenburg

    Impacting an Urban Education through Community Partnerships

    Despite success turning around many of its lowest-performing schools, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District found that nine of its schools were still struggling. To improve these schools, the district needed to reach beyond the­­ schoolyards to the communities that surround them in order to... More »

  • School Design District Story: Denver

    Denver Public Schools Takes Action on Strategic School Design

    Denver Public Schools (DPS) took an innovative look at how it could support individual school efforts to restructure and align resources—people, time, and money—to drive student achievement. More »

  • School Support District Story: Denver

    Rethinking the Role of the Central Office in Denver Public Schools

    By transforming its central office from a compliance watchdog to a service and strategic partner, Denver Public Schools (DPS) was able to leverage data, technology, and training to increase efficiency and accountability and better support schools. More »

  • Teaching District Story: Washington, D.C.

    Focus on Effective Teaching Helps Raise the Bar in D.C.

    Over the past decade, D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) has faced severe enrollment decline–from 65,000 students to 45,000. As a result, the district took a hard look at their teachers–proven to most directly impact student achievement–and implemented a rigorous evaluation system to identify and... More »

  • Videos: District Stories

    ERS spoke with five leaders from our partner districts to explore what transformation really looks like in practice. The videos explore how each of the seven strategies from our School System 20/20 can look like on the ground. These leaders inspired us by their courage, rigor, and tirelessness as... More »

  • Why Now?

    District Leaders Express Why we Need to Make Bold Changes Today

    Hear from: Sam Franklin, Executive Director of the Office of Teacher Effectiveness, Pittsburgh Public Schools Brian Pick, Deputy Chief Academic Officer, D.C. Public Schools Alyssa Whitehead-Bust, Chief of Innovation and Reform, Denver Public Schools José M. Torres, Superintendent of School... More »

  • Transform Now Video

    Our video illustrates why now is the time to take bold action to transform our school systems. Please share it and join the movement of district leaders dedicated to transforming school systems through restructuring resources. Check out ERS' latest tools that can help you begin, and join our... More »

  • School Budget Hold'em Video: Targeting Turnaround Schools

    Create a Winning Hand of Cards that Reach your Target Budget

    Our series of School Budget Hold'em winning hands videos illustrates how to reach a target budget reduction while prioritizing different areas. This video shows one way to target turnaround schools. More »