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  • Turnaround Case Studies

    Elevating Turnaround to a Systemic Level

    “Turnaround Case Studies” is an analysis of strategies to turn around low-performing schools undertaken by six large urban districts and four education management organizations. These case studies are based on a convening organized by ERS where leaders from school districts, education management... More »

  • Sustaining Turnaround at Scale Summit Briefs

    This series compiles and analyzes the results of our Sustaining Turnaround at Scale Summit held in October 2011. More »

  • Turning Around the Nation’s Lowest Performing Schools

    Across the country, states and school districts are focusing on turning around the nation’s lowest-performing schools. This focus on school turnaround, while welcome, is not new. And while some schools have made significant gains in student achievement, results overall are decidedly mixed. Based... More »

  • Turnaround Schools Resource Guide

    District Strategies for Success and Sustainability

    Turnaround efforts at individual schools will not result in widespread, sustainable change without fundamental shifts in the way districts evaluate school, student, and teacher needs and match resources and support to meet those needs. Your challenge is to develop district capacity to address... More »

  • 7 Tenets for Sustainable School Turnaround

    How States Can Improve Their Lowest-Performing Schools Under ESSA

    A collaboration between Center for American Progress and Education Resource Strategies on the 7 tenets for states to empower districts to become agents of change in school turnaround. More »

  • Resource Check: Turnaround

    Assess your District Resource Choices for Turnaround Schools

    Improving your student performance starts with making sure your resource decisions are aligned with your goals for improving performance. Resource Check: Turnaround is a web-based self-assessment tool that helps you evaluate your resource choices around turnaround schools. Answer these questions... More »

  • Sustaining Turnaround at Scale Summit: Posters

    Poster Comparisons of District Turnaround Strategies

    View the posters that compare the turnaround strategies of the districts that attended Education Resource Strategies’ Sustaining Turnaround at Scale Summit held in October 2011. ERS held a summit, Sustaining Turnaround at Scale, in an effort to gather districts and organizations at the forefront... More »

  • School Budget Hold'em Video: Targeting Turnaround Schools

    Create a Winning Hand of Cards that Reach your Target Budget

    Our series of School Budget Hold'em winning hands videos illustrates how to reach a target budget reduction while prioritizing different areas. This video shows one way to target turnaround schools. More »

  • Sustaining Turnaround at Scale Summit: Session Summaries

    View the session summaries from ERS’ Sustaining Turnaround at Scale Summit held in October 2011. A major effort is underway in school districts across the country to improve the academic performance of students at the lowest-achieving schools. With this backdrop, Education Resource Strategies... More »

  • Sustaining Turnaround at Scale Summit: Videos

    Videos – Closing Panel, Key Takeaways

    View videos from ERS’ Sustaining Turnaround at Scale Summit held in October 2011. Panelists from the ERS Summit share some thoughts on successful turnaround. Panelists on the closing panel talks about the approach to turnaround moving forward, and how this differs from the past. A major effort... More »

  • Video: Turnaround in Action

    See how two schools in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (NC)–winner of the prestigious 2011 Broad Prize for Urban Education–are approaching turnaround. Both are achieving spectacular results, but each school has embraced a school design and structure that is unique to their own strengths and... More »

  • Breaking the Cycle of Failure in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

    In this case study of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Strategic Staffing Initiative, Education Resource Strategies (ERS) and the Aspen Institute tell the important story of how one district is harnessing the critical levers of school leadership and teaching excellence to turnaround schools in the... More »