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  • Following the Dollars to the Classroom Door

    Why and How Effective Student-Based Budgeting Must be Linked with Strategic School Design

    More and more districts—and several states—are adopting funding models like student-based budgeting (also called weighted student funding or fair student funding) to increase equity and promote principal autonomy. Giving school leaders new resources and new flexibility is a good first step, but... More »

  • Six Opportunities to Restructure Education Resources in Georgia

    From 2012 to 2013, ERS partnered with the Georgia Department of Education to address how the state and a few districts manage their resources. These reports highlight three opportunities to reallocate resources and three ways the state can better support districts More »

  • Student-Based Budgeting Webinar

    View the Recent Webinar on Transforming School Funding

    The following is a video recording of our April 3 webinar on student-based budgeting, based off our recent publication, "Transforming School Funding: A Guide to Implementing Student-Based Budgeting." More »

  • Transforming School Funding: A Guide to Implementing Student-Based Budgeting

    Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) allocates dollars to schools based on the number of enrolled students, where each student receives a funding "weight" based on need. In this Guide, you will find the key decisions and practical steps necessary for considering whether SBB is right for your school system. More »

  • Video Lesson: Budgeting for Equity

    "Budgeting for Equity" was a video lesson given by ERS' Executive Director Karen Hawley Miles. The lesson focuses on three things:- defining funding equity in school systems- identifying inequity- identifying ways to address that inequity   More »

  • Student-Based Budgeting Video

    Tips for School Principals on Implementing a New Funding System

    This short video was created to offer advice to principals considering implementing a student-based budgeting system, also known as weighted-student funding. More »

  • Spare Some Change: Smarter District Resource Use for Transformational Schools

    A Roadmap for Education Reform

    As a part of Pathways to Success for Milwaukee Public Schools, a project of the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, the authors identify characteristics of an effective funding system in Milwaukee and beyond. More »

  • VUE: Voices in Urban Education

    The Annenberg Institute for School Reform’s Voices in Urban Education publication, produced in partnership with ERS, grew from the ERS-convened Fair Student Funding Summit in March 2010. The summit brought together more than sixty urban education leaders from fourteen school districts that use... More »

  • Fair Student Funding in Baltimore City

    A Lever for Transformation

    This full report of Baltimore Public Schools (City Schools) explores the implementation process and results of a fair student funding system. Fair Student Funding in Baltimore City (PDF) More »

  • Fair Student Funding and Other Reforms

    Baltimore’s Plan for Equity, Empowerment, Accountability and Improvement

    After examining Baltimore City Public Schools' implementation of fair student funding and accompanying reforms, ERS shares the extent to which City Schools met the objectives and summarizes key lessons learned. Fair Student Funding and Other Reforms (PDF) More »

  • Weighted Student Funding

    Why Do Districts Decide to Implement Weighted Student Funding?

    ERS has partnered with a number of districts on implementing weighted student funding (WSF), which is also known as fair student funding or student-based budgeting. This presentation serves as an introduction to this new way of school budgeting. In our experience, districts choose to implement... More »

  • School Funding Systems Resource Guide

    Equity, Transparency, Flexibility

    You’re a district leader who wants to see higher student achievement and balance your district budget—and that is getting harder. Budget cuts loom for at least another couple of years. There is pressure to use federal stimulus dollars to fill gaps and backfill longstanding programs but also to... More »

  • Fair Student Funding Summit

    In March 2010, urban education leaders gathered in Baltimore, MD for the Fair Student Funding Summit, a conference that brought together districts that use weighted student funding (WSF) as an approach for allocating dollars to schools. Convened by Education Resource Strategies (ERS) and hosted... More »

  • Fair Student Funding Summit: District Summaries

    In March 2010, urban education leaders gathered in Baltimore, MD for the Fair Student Funding Summit, a conference that brought together districts that use weighted student funding (WSF) as an approach for allocating dollars to schools. More »

  • Understanding Student-Weighted Allocation as a Means to Greater School Resource Equity

    As attention shifts to how districts allocate resources to schools, student-weighted allocation has emerged as an alternative to traditional staff-based allocation policies. Student-weighted allocation uses student need, rather than staff placement, as the building block of school budgeting. This... More »

  • Leveling the Playing Field

    Creating Funding Equity Through Student-Based Budgeting

    When the Cincinnati Public Schools devised a reform strategy for improving student performance, it became clear that the district's traditional budgeting system was inadequate. The authors trace the district's process of moving to a system of student-based budgeting: funding children rather than... More »