School Budget Hold'em Facilitator Guides

These easy-to-use instructions will help leaders organize and play School Budget Hold'em and School Budget Hold'em-California. The Facilitator's Guide for Hold'em provides three different approaches for groups playing the game, which are based on your goals and the time you have to devote to playing.

Options include:

  • A cabinet exercise to build common understanding of the opportunities and possibilities
  • A budget exercise to involve the broader district team to build buy-in and to make the best strategic trade-off decisions
  • A board or public stakeholder exercise to generate understanding of the cost and trade-offs inherent in choosing certain investment options

The Facilitator's Guide for Hold'em-California describes how the game has been tailored to districts in California, which recently implemented the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), and it also offers tips and discussion topics to consider.

School Budget Hold'em Facilitator's Guide (PDF)

School Budget Hold'em-California Facilitator's Guide (PDF)