School Check

Assess Your School's Resource Use Against Three Key Principles

Education Resource Strategies, May 2013

This school assessment tool is based on resource strategies and principles from “The Strategic School: Making the Most of People, Time, and Money” by Karen Hawley Miles and Stephen Frank (2008), as well as ERS’ other learnings from the resource practices of high-performing schools around the nation. The purpose of this tool is to help you do a healthy school check-up: thinking about your current structure, where are and aren’t you using resources strategically? Are there any areas in which you could reduce spending? Areas where you should increase your current investment?

The assessment is organized according to three primary principles we’ve seen high-performing schools use to organize resources:

1. Excellent Teaching for All Students
2. Personalized Learning and Support
3. Cost Effectiveness through Creative Solutions

Within each principle, we’ve laid out more specific strategic practices, and written descriptors that identify what these practices look like along a developmental spectrum.

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