• Professional Learning Diagnostic Assessment: Beta Test

    The Professional Learning Diagnostic Assessment covers topics like curriculum, collaboration, and feedback, and lets leaders compare their school system to best practices More »

  • Guest Blog: The State of ESSA's School-level Financial Requirement

    Now that the regulations are gone

    Edunomics Lab is among a select cadre of peer organizations that lead the effort to help states meet ESSA’s financial transparency requirements and influence ERS’ evolving approach to state-level support. In a new guest blog post from the Edunomics team, Katie Hagan and Marguerite Roza explain... More »

  • States Lead Now: From Compliance Officer to Leader

    How states can leverage ESSA to advance equity and excellence

    In this new era of national education reform, the need for state-level leadership is more important than ever. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) gives states a swath of new responsibilities including the discretion to redefine statewide accountability, create strategies for school turnaround,... More »

  • Evidence and Funding: Connecting the Dots

    Chiefs for Change provides a framework for navigating ESSA funding flexibility and evidence provision

    Chiefs for Change Report provides a framework for state education chiefs for navigating ESSA funding flexibility and the evidence provision More »

  • What's Working in Denver and Boston?

    March issue of Transform Now e-news

    Our Transform Now e-newsletter is a monthly guide for district leaders striving to align resources—people, time, and money—to improve student learning. This issue explores what's working in Denver and Boston and unveils our new video about targeted intervention at a Boston high school. View the... More »

  • Shelby County Schools commits to equitable funding plan

    Shelby County Schools board approves ERS to work with district to identify areas to eliminate inequity in transition to student based budgeting

    The Shelby County Schools board on Tuesday committed to rethinking the way it funnels dollars into schools, aiming for a formula focused on equity instead of equality. More »

  • ERS Report Finds Record Progress in Denver

    For over a decade, Denver Public Schools (DPS) has undertaken a variety of structural changes to improve student outcomes. Rather than searching for a silver bullet, district leaders began by envisioning how DPS could promote equity and excellence at the district level, then it gave schools... More »

  • Denver Schools Can Teach the Nation—And Learn from Others, Too

    ERS' work with Denver Public Schools mentioned in Nonprofit Quarterly

    Access the story as it orginally appeared in Nonprofit Quarterly. Telling the story of U.S. public education requires more than Twitter’s 140 characters, but the problems are easy to identify. Many students are struggling, particularly those from low-income families, those with disabilities,... More »

  • Shelby County Schools effort to fund schools equitably moving forward

    ERS' work with Shelby County Schools mentioned in The Commercial Appeal

    Access the story as it orginally appeared in The Commercial Appeal. An effort to redistribute funding among schools in an equitable way will be up for a vote of the Shelby County Schools board next week. The board will vote on a resolution committing to implement student-based budgeting, a... More »

  • Are Denver’s nationally-known school reforms paying off? New ERS report says yes.

    Chalkbeat Covers ERS Report to Denver Public Schools Board of Education

    Chalkbeat Covers ERS Report to Denver Public Schools Board of Education More »