• Beyond Technology at TechBoston

    Beyond Technology at TechBoston

    We’re excited to have President Obama, Secretary Duncan and Melinda Gates in our town today visiting TechBoston, one of the 9 leading edge high schools ERS studied in 2008.

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  • ERS Releases Report on Syracuse City School District

    ERS released today our report on the Syracuse City School District (SCSD). The report shows how Syracuse is in a strong position to improve and deliver on its promise for…

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  • ERS and EWA

    Read ERS’ thoughts after attending the Education Writers Association’s 2011 Conference.

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  • Book Review: The Social Animal

    Book Review: The Social Animal

    Regis Sheilds reviews “The Social Animal” by David Brooks, a book she calls both unique and fascinating. Read her post or submit your own recommendations for summer reading in the comments section of the post.

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  • Learning from Charters – Fordham digs in on pensions

    Michael Podgursky and Amanda Olberg of the Fordham Institute are releasing a paper today that examines how charter schools handle teacher pensions in states that allow charters to opt out. The paper shows various choices charters make with regard to their pensions and identifies several interesting trends.

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  • Heartbreak or Transformation?

    Heartbreak or Transformation?

    As Pennsylvania’s Levittown school system looks down the barrel of a 8% budget cut, school leaders see the inevitable slashing of the very programs that have led to the district’s recent rise in student performance.

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  • Book Review: Teacher

    Book Review: Teacher

    Randi Feinberg calls Mark Edmundson’s book “Teacher: The One Who Make the Difference” a beautifully written memoir filled with rich description and poignant reflection.

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  • Book Review: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

    Book Review: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

    Funmi Haastrup reviews Marc S. Tucker’s report for the National Center on Education and the Economy, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: An American Agenda for Education Reform.

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  • Appropriately Compensating Teachers

    Appropriately Compensating Teachers

    ERS Director Regis Shields responds to a recent article in the New York Times, “New York City Abandons Teacher Bonus Program”

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  • Budget Brainstorms

    Budget Brainstorms

    The federal government is trying to solve their budget issues, and a resolution seems unlikely before the 11th hour. One solution that has gained favor is changing how the federal government calculates the cost of living adjustment (COLA), a tactic that school districts might be wise to consider.

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  • Book Review: Math Curse

    Book Review: Math Curse

    Justin Burniske lets out his inner child, reviewing the children’s book “Math Curse” by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.

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  • Chief State School Officers Consider Trade-offs in Tough Times

    Chief State School Officers Consider Trade-offs in Tough Times

    ERS’ Principal Associate Kristen Ferris gives a recap of the 2011 Summer Institute held by the Council of Chief State School Officers.

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  • What happens to the kids left behind?

    What happens to the kids left behind?

    ERS Principal Associate Funmi Haastrup shares her views on school choice and how both her personal and work experiences influence her decisions.

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  • Changing Perspective on Class Size

    Changing Perspective on Class Size

    People who argue over class size assume a classroom with one teacher and a group of students, the same model that has been in place since the founding of our country. But what if we’ve got the assumptions all wrong?

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  • School Turnaround – is “Transformation” enough?

    School Turnaround – is “Transformation” enough?

    Last week we brought together some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the area of school turnaround at the ERS summit, “Sustaining Turnaround at Scale”. Included in this group were almost a dozen principals who are succeeding in turning around chronically low performing schools, and are boosting the achievement of their districts’ highest need…

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  • 1,000 schools vs. 1,000 school districts

    1,000 schools vs. 1,000 school districts

    If the evidence is clear that Extended Learning Time improves student achievement and closes the achievement gap, why do we not see it happening as a district-side strategy?

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  • State Roles in Transforming the Teaching Job

    State Roles in Transforming the Teaching Job

    ERS Associate David Bloom shares some thoughts from the CCSSO “Moving Forward” conference held in Phoenix, AZ.

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  • Get the Latest on the Turnaround Summit Brief #1 and Hold’em

    Get the Latest on the Turnaround Summit Brief #1 and Hold’em

    The March News Blast highlights the first Turnaround Summit Brief, an update on school boards that are playing Hold’Em, and more.

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  • School Boards Play Hold’em

    School Boards Play Hold’em

    A recent school board retreat and ERS’ new game School Budget Hold’em are helping the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) turn a 10% gap in the budget into an opportunity to do more with less. Rather than resign itself to deep and debilitating cuts, the CMSD leadership team is actively investigating alternatives with Hold’em, an…

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  • Karen Hawley Miles Presents to School Finance Course

    ERS Executive Director Karen Hawley Miles was the guest speaker Friday morning for a school finance course session offered at the University of Tennessee in conjunction with the District of Knoxville

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