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Cracking the Code on District Transformation

Houston Public Media Highlights ERS Aldine Case Study


For decades, educators have struggled to improve low-performing schools. The Obama Administration tried to help and pumped $3 billion dollars into them—with minimal results. But in Aldine, just north of Houston, some say turnaround efforts are paying off and provide an example in the “rewards of perseverance.”
— Laura Isensee, Houston Public Radio 

Houston Public Radio Spotlight on Aldine District Transformation

Last week, Houston Public Media highlighted our case study on Aldine Independent School District (AISD) which showed how AISD closed the racial achievement gap and raised student proficiency rates with a clear long-term vision, stable leadership, strategic resource allocation, and a focus on supporting the best teachers and leaders over 20 years.

Case studies are a part of cracking the code on getting all schools to succeed for all students. They help answer the questions: What does it take? Do the same ingredients work everywhere?

The Rewards of Perseverance is the second in a series where we track the transformation journeys of leading districts in the context of School System 20/20Our first case study, Back from the Brink, examines the rapid, encouraging progress of Lawrence Public Schools, located in the Boston area. Transform Now lays the foundation for our School System 20/20 vision and provides an urgent call to action so that all schools succeed for all students. 

School System Transformation Resources


Transform Now: So Every School Succeeds for Every Student

School Systems must better meet the needs of all students. And they can. But to succeed, we can't just do more of the same. We need to transform. Transform Now builds off of our 2012 publication One Vision, Seven Strategies to lay the foundation for our School System 20/20 vision, providing clarity for district and state leaders on what it takes to build a school system that succeeds for all students. 


The Rewards of Perseverance: A Case Study of Aldine Indpendent School District

Aldine Independent School District has faced daunting challenges and achieved impressive results since the early 1990s. This School System 20/20 case study explores the impact of a clear vision, stable leadership, and deliberate evolution in response to change. 

Back from the Brink: A Case Study of Lawrence Public Schools

In 2011, Lawrence Public Schools was the first Massachusetts district to be placed in state receivership due to poor performance. By 2014, things had dramatically changed for the better. This case study explores how a bold vision and effective use of resources can lead to big improvements.

















Cracking the Code on District Transformation
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