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ERS Tools Summer Webinars

Join us for two webinars on how to target your strategic planning and amplify your impact

This summer, we are hosting two webinars to introduce district leaders to the many ways our tools can help solve their most pressing school planning and district budgeting problems. 

Upcoming Webinar: Resource Check

How do you prioritize your most important investments when your budget is being squeezed? 

Resource Check is an online tool that allows district leaders to assess the strength of their strategy and identify the most critical areas to address in order to reach their goals.

Panelist Dr. Shawn Wightman, superintendent of Michigan’s Marysville Public Schools, will describe how his team took the Resource Check questionnaire online, used the results to identify the district's strengths and opportunities for improvement, and leveraged the results to build a strategic plan.

"This web-based instrument aided my district’s leadership team in identifying certain transformational strategies (e.g., standards, teaching, school design, partners, etc.) that lead to better resource use."  
—Dr. Wightman, superintendent of Marysville Public Schools, MI

This webinar is geared toward superintendents, strategic planning leaders, and CFOs. You will learn how to use Resource Check to facilitate discussions or build consensus with your team while writing a new strategic plan, or simply to inform and improve your yearly budgeting process. 

 Webinar: Resource Check

   Monday, August 1, 2016 2:30-3:30 p.m. EDT

   Facilitator: Kristan Singleton, ERS Director of Tools & Technologies

Panelist: Dr. Shawn Wightman, superintendent of Michigan's
Marysville Public Schools


Past Webinar: School Designer

How can your principals find enough collaborative planning time to meet the challenges of the Common Core standards? 

School Designer is an online tool that guides principals and their coaches through the school planning process with specific examples and practical advice. It is a one-stop shop for school design that includes:

  • Seven key steps that break down school planning into manageable chunks
  • Interactive tools to diagnose your school's scheduling, staffing, and budget needs; build a master schedule; and more
  • Sample documents—including collaborative planning time protocols, schedules, and more—that support strategic design practices
  • Multimedia stories of innovative schools in action

This webinar is geared toward central office staff such as academic and school support leaders who work with principals. You will hear examples of how school district leaders have used resources from School Designer to support their principals make key strategic schedule, staffing, and budget decisions. 

Webinar: School Designer

Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 2:30-3:30 p.m. EDT

Facilitator: Kristan Singleton, ERS Director of Tools & Technologies

Missed the webinar? No problem! You can watch it here:

ERS Tools Summer Webinars
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