• Boston school budget gap filled, for now, but hard decisions remain

    ERS' Boston Public Schools work mentioned in The Boston Globe

    This story appeard in The Boston Globe. See that verion here. Boston school officials insist they have looked for money in every corner of their $1 billion budget, but still need to cut services for autistic children, squeeze savings on buses, and delay new programs in order to close the... More »

  • New School System 20/20 Case Study: Aldine, Texas

    ERS' second School System 20/20 case study explores how one district faced daunting challenges over 20 years by focusing on people and changing the system More »

  • The Possibilities for District Transformation

    Education First releases Districts Rising series showcasing system change

    This series profiles 10 public school districts that are implementing big changes and starting to see gains in student achievement. More »

  • How Far Should ESSA Negotiated Rulemaking Go On Tests and Spending?

    Karen Hawley Miles quoted in Education Week article

    This story was posted to on Education Week's Politics K-12 blog, see that version here. Washington Should advocates, educators, and others writing rules on tests and spending under the Every Student Succeeds Act hew very closely to the new law and preserve as much flexibility as possible for... More »

  • Effective State Turnarounds Require Targeted Support

    Karen Hawley Miles' letter to the editor of Education Week

    The fact that many state efforts fail shouldn't be a reason for not striving to understand how states in tandem with districts can ensure the urgent action that failing schools need to improve for the long-haul. More »

  • Progress for Revere 9th Graders

    Freshman Academy Offers Personalized Instruction

    In 2011, Revere High School faced challenges that many schools are still up against today. Students entered at a wide range of proficiency levels, but the school’s structures were relatively standardized: all students moved through a seven-period schedule in similar class sizes, teachers... More »

  • School Designer: A tool that helps districts help principals and teachers

    ERS’ School Designer integrates districts’ planning and budgeting processes so that key resource decisions, including those related to a school’s schedule, staffing plan, and budget, are tightly aligned with its needs and improvement strategy. More »

  • Teacher Teaming in Action

    February issue of School System 20/20 e-news

    Our School System 20/20 e-newsletter is a monthly guide for district leaders striving to align resources—people, time, and money—to improve student learning. This issue focuses on teacher teaming and school design. View the February issue here, and sign up to receive our e-news in the future by... More »

  • Effectively Integrating Teacher Leadership into the System

    ERS Teacher Leadership and Career Pathways Checklist

    To support districts in establishing teacher leadership programs that stick, ERS created the Leadership and Career Pathways Checklist, comprised of what we call the “must-dos” and “common missteps” for the six steps of program creation. The checklist builds on research and district experiences... More »

  • Revising Teacher Compensation? Beta Test Our New Calculator

    Teacher Compensation Calculator

    Teacher compensation systems vary widely between districts and can be complex. While sustainable reform is possible, it can also be difficult to understand how much it will cost and what design is right for your district. This is why ERS has designed the Teacher Compensation Calculator tool. More »