District Design

School Support & Accountability


A central office focused on compliance and oversight rather than productive partnerships with schools.


The central office is a service and strategy partner in sharing best practices and ensuring all schools reach learning goals.

What is the opportunity?

District operations can be reorganized to move from industrial-age control models that ensure compliance, to systems that use expertise, data, and technology to empower local school leaders and teachers, customize service to schools, and improve efficiency. School support and supervision should be deliberately organized to ensure that school leaders have coherent and integrated support across departments and at the times and ways in which they can use the support.

While the private sector has increased efficiency and effectiveness in services such as procurement, transportation, accounting, and information technology, the education sector largely has lagged behind. And often investments to develop new systems are the first to go in budget cuts that focus in the short term and on protecting instructional resources. Choosing to prioritize strategic investment in central support can make a significant difference to teaching effectiveness and student success.