School Design

Diverse Classrooms and Schools

What are the root causes of inequity in your schools?

A key component of Strategic School Design is creating strategic school schedules that place students in racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse classrooms, with educators that look like them.

Explore these resources to get started:

Diverse Classrooms and Schools Guidebook: The Alliance for Resource Equity

This interactive workbook provides a structure to help your team better understand what is causing challenges related to Diverse Classrooms & Schools and identify concrete next steps for improving the experiences that students have in school.

How to Diversify and Expand the Incoming Teacher Workforce

Pervasive teacher turnover disrupts student learning and signals underlying issues with the teaching job. Here’s how leaders can establish a budget-neutral residency program to diversify and expand the incoming teaching force.

Mobilizing Resources to Advance Excellence and Equity for All Students

This publication offers doable starting points and tools for school leaders to mobilize resources and create excellent and equitable experiences for students.