School Design

Empowering, Rigorous Content

Do your students have access to high-quality and culturally relevant school curriculum, instructional materials, coursework, and class offerings that meet their needs?

When focusing on Empowering, Rigorous Content, strategic school leaders…

  • Ensure teachers have access to standards-aligned and culturally relevant school curriculum and instructional materials in all subject areas, with social-emotional learning and development integrated throughout.
  • Use formative and interim assessments that align with school curriculum to gather information about student learning and monitor individual student progress.
  • Design course offerings, enrollment processes, specialized programming, and staff assignment practices that increase equitable access to coursework to set students up for success in college and a meaningful career.

Explore these resources to get started:

Empowering, Rigorous Content Guidebook: The Alliance for Resource Equity

This interactive workbook provides a structure to help your team better understand what is causing challenges related to Empowering, Rigorous Content and identify concrete next steps for improving the experiences that students have in school.

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Here are 10 ways to invest in doable strategies that address urgent needs now and build toward redesigned schooling models that have lasting impact beyond funding deadlines.

Funding Expanded Early Postsecondary Opportunities

Our guidebook explains how district leaders can use ESSER funding to successfully expand quality postsecondary opportunities and support students’ success.