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Positive and Inviting School Climate

Are you creating a school climate where students feel safe and heard and have strong relationships with adults who can support them?

Positive & Inviting School Climate

When focusing on Positive and Inviting School Climates, strategic school leaders…

  • Ensure each student feels safe through transparent, culturally sensitive, and consistently enforced rules and discipline policies.
  • Implement structures, time, and processes to ensure that each student has positive relationships with staff and other students.
  • Embed social-emotional development opportunities into both instruction and standalone structures.
  • Implement structures and strategies that enable educators to engage families actively and meaningfully.

Explore these resources to get started:

Positive and Inviting School Climate Guidebook: The Alliance for Resource Equity

This interactive workbook provides a structure to help your team better understand what is causing challenges related to Positive & Inviting School Climate and identify concrete next steps for improving the experiences that students have in school.

Toolkit: Building Strong Relationships Through Advisory & Lower Teacher Loads

Students are returning to school with unprecedented social and emotional needs due to pandemic-related disruptions. Explore our toolkit on investing ESSER funds into advisory approaches and strategically scheduling and staffing to lighten teacher loads.

Building a Racial Equity Office to Give All Students a Path Toward Success

In 2017, the Dallas ISD Board took a big step. It unanimously passed a Racial Equity Resolution and Policy and established the Racial Equity Office (REO). We worked with the district to write a detailed whitepaper about its experience.

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