School Design

Teaching Quality and Diversity

Do all students in your district have access to a diverse group of high-quality teachers?

When focusing on Teaching Quality and Diversity, strategic school leaders… 

  • Develop expert-led teams of educators who share the work
  • Improve the core job by providing teachers with sustainable workloads, professional learning supports, and competitive compensation. 
  • Create a mix of leadership roles that increase the impact of the most effective teachers. 
  • Offer multiple pathways into the teaching profession and provide shelter-and-develop supports for new teachers. 
  • Hire and retain a diverse team of teachers that reflects the student population. 

Explore these resources to get started:

Resource Hub: Reimagining the Teaching Job

Reimagining the teaching job requires challenging core assumptions about how we organize people, time, and money in American public schools. This means replacing the traditional siloed, one-size-fits-all teaching model with a collaborative approach centered on expert-led educator teams that share the work of planning, teaching, and supporting students. Read our guide to learn more.

Professional Learning and Collaboration for Teachers Guide

This guide shows how to successfully and sustainably improve professional learning and collaboration, including concrete examples of staffing and scheduling models that you can implement today and improve over time.

Teaching Quality and Diversity Guidebook: The Alliance for Resource Equity

This interactive workbook provides a structure to help your team better understand what is causing challenges related to Teaching Quality & Diversity and identify concrete next steps for improving the experiences that students have in school.