School Design

Student Supports and Intervention

Do students in your district—especially those with the highest learning needs—have access to an effective, integrated system of student supports?

When focusing on Student Supports and Intervention, strategic school leaders…

  • Identify students who need more intensive social-emotional development and supports and link them to effective services.
  • Create a social-emotional development feedback loop between classroom teachers, external and school-based support providers, and students’ families.
  • Provide resources to families who need more intensive supports, whether directly or by connecting them to outside providers.
  • Provide students with effective guidance to support postsecondary success.

Explore these resources to get started:

Student Supports and Intervention Guidebook: The Alliance for Resource Equity

This interactive workbook provides a structure to help your team better understand what is causing challenges related to Student Supports & Intervention and identify concrete next steps for improving the experiences that students have in school.

Funding Expanded Early Postsecondary Opportunities

Our guidebook explains how district leaders can use ESSER funding to successfully expand quality postsecondary opportunities and support students’ success. 

Toolkit: Building Strong Relationships Through Advisory & Lower Teacher Loads

Students are returning to school with unprecedented social and emotional needs due to pandemic-related disruptions. Explore our toolkit on investing ESSER funds into advisory approaches and strategically scheduling and staffing to lighten teacher loads to build strong relationships.

Guide: ESSER Funding for Targeted Academic Supports 

Targeted academic supports are just one of many strategies that support Early Warning Systems. Check out our ESSER guide on using dollars to help students through early intervention to learn more about this approach.