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Emma Montgomery



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In her role, Emma uses her analytic, communication, and collaboration skills to help district leaders implement strategies that align with their student outcome goals. With Columbus City Schools, this has meant supporting the creation of an equity-based school resourcing model. In collaboration with the Nebraska DOE, Emma designed schedules for students and teachers that are inclusive of the needs of every student in a building. In partnership with Education Development Center, Emma researched the enabling conditions of effective High-Quality Instructional Materials implementation. 

As a member of the School Design Practice Area, Emma co-authored the Elementary Instructional Planning Guide: a tool that includes decision points and real-world examples of strategies principals can use to design their schedule for dynamic learning opportunities.

Prior to joining ERS, Emma studied Economics at Brown University and gravitated toward classes at the intersection of economics and public policy. She was a teaching assistant for economics of education and econometrics courses. She enjoys working in interdisciplinary spaces and especially those that draw connections across people and ideas through data, creative communication, and relationship building.  

Outside the office, Emma’s hobbies rotate around New England’s seasons. She can be found teaching adaptive skiing in the winter, coaching collegiate sailing during the spring and fall, and enjoying jogs and hikes throughout New Hampshire year-round. 

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