Board of Directors

Jean-Claude Brizard

President and CEO, Digital Promise

Brizard has held roles across the education sector and currently serves as President and CEO of Digital Promise, a global, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on accelerating innovation in education.

He formerly served as the Chief Executive Officer at Chicago Public Schools and the Superintendent of Schools at Rochester City School District. His experience also includes a 21-year career with the New York City Department of Education as both an educator and an administrator. As Regional Superintendent, he supervised more than 100 schools in the Borough of Brooklyn. He also served as the system’s Executive Director for its 400 secondary schools. He is a Fellow at the Broad Center, a Fellow at the Pahara-Aspen Institute, and a member of the Aspen Institute Global Leadership Network.

Brizard and ERS have been partnering with each other for nearly 15 years leading up to this appointment.


We welcome the opportunity to partner with your district to better align resources and generate a significant impact for your students, your schools, and your communities.