ERS Team

Natalie Elliott

she/her/hers, they/them/theirs

 In their role as an Analyst, Natalie generates hypothesis, processes and analyzes data, and contextualizes findings in order to support district partners in making data-driven strategic decisions to improve student experiences and outcomes. She is currently part of the team supporting Portland Public Schools to align the districts resource use to the districts equity and financial sustainability goals.   

Before joining ERS, Natalie grew a passion for education through co-founding a remote afterschool program in response to the impact of COVID-19 on student experience. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication of Science & Technology and Earth & Environmental Science from Vanderbilt University. They became interested in data, design, and communication during their two undergraduate research roles: designing clinician interfaces to display patient data and conducting data analysis to study South American mammal diversity over the past 20 million years. After graduating, Natalie moved back to her home state of Massachusetts to become a part of ERS. 

Outside of the office, Natalie is excited about hiking, illustration, finding the best places to listen to live music, and cooking elaborate dinners for game nights. 

Previous Experience

Undergraduate researcher

Earth & Environmental Science Department;

Undergraduate researcher

Cancer Patient Safety Learning Laboratory;

Co-founder & Instructor

Tin Can Learners


B.A., Communication of Science & Technology, Earth & Environmental Science

Vanderbilt University


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