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A Workshops Case Study

The CFO Strategy Networks

ERS convenes leading-edge CFOs from across the
country to explore the essential question of
“What must a Strategic CFO know, do, and ask?”

“This is the most important, and only real professional development I receive in this role. Perhaps even more critical is that I leave the meetings with renewed inspiration to keep at this incredibly challenging work of transforming school systems even while I work to respond to the daily crises that always emerge.” --Matt Stanski, CFO of Anne Arundel County Public Schools
“ERS develops and examines substantive and real-time issues. Their organized approach probes the right questions, so that members hear and feel the thinking from their colleagues. That’s where the real value is.” --Ruthie Quinto, CFO of Oxnard School District
“I have spent many years attending meetings and professional development including being a staff developer myself. The session this week was by far one of the best if not the best PD I have experienced in my career. The perfect combination of relevant material, expert facilitation, engaging activities, thought-provoking information, and useful research-heavy materials worked together to make the time meaningful. Thank you for the time I am sure it took to put the two days together.” --Former CFO in Montgomery County Public Schools
“This network is incredibly helpful. I really appreciate the opportunity to learn how other districts are approaching various challenges and the feedback we receive on our own plans. It's nice to be part of this national group. Before we joined, I relied primarily on other Florida districts for peer camaraderie.” --Mike Burke, CFO of School District of Palm Beach County


Given dramatically increased student needs as a result of the covid19 pandemic and cost structures still impacting many districts long-term sustainability, CFOs must play a pivotal role in catalyzing new ways of thinking, acting, and investing that re-envision overall resource use rather than making incremental changes that simply wont meet the needs of the moment. 

ERS CFO Networks bring together leading-edge finance leaders from across the nation who are committed to maximizing the impact of their districts resources in service of students and who are committed to the role of the strategic CFO as a critical leader in advancing system strategy.

HOW We support members - and how they impact the field

ERS invites a select group of Chief Financial Officers to wrestle with the most challenging issues district financial leaders must handle. The twice yearly closed-door network meetings encourage relationship building and learning from each other’s successes and lessons learned on topics such as sustainability for teacher leadership and career pathways, school planning cycles, and developing an effective budget process. 

We strongly believe the insights generated during these discussions and our member’s achievements or lessons learned are valuable and should be shared with the broader field. Therefore, we often publish blog posts, such as 7 Guiding Principles for Communicating Financial Unpredictability, which synthesize insights from the network, highlight interviews CFOs such as Nolberto Delgadillo (current CFO of Portland Public Schools), or ask members to co-author articles. 

Members also get priority invitation to other ERS events, such as the “Strategic Budget Partner Retreats”, which bring the CFO support teams together to explore the principles of strategic school design and to develop district-specific strategies to better guide principals in making effective resource use decisions.

current members

Aspen CFO Strategy Network

Aldine Independent School District, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, Baltimore City Public Schools, Broward County Public Schools, Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools, Chicago Public Schools, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Denver Public Schools, District of Columbia Public Schools, Indianapolis Public Schools, Jackson Public Schools, Long Beach Unified School District, Los Angeles Unified School District, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Palm Beach County School District, Portland Public Schools, San Antonio Independent School District, School District of Philadelphia, and Tulsa Public Schools

Consortium CFO Strategy Network

Beaverton School District, Bellevue School District, Chesterfield County Public Schools, Cumberland County Public Schools, Fairfax County Public Schools, Fulton County Schools, Greenville County Schools, Gwinnett County Schools, Hamilton County Schools, Mesa Public Schools, Montgomery County Public Schools, School District U-46, and Virginia Beach City Public Schools

California CFO/CBO Strategy Network

Fresno Unified School District (FSUSD), Gilroy, Glendale, Long Beach, Oakland, Ontario-Montclair, Oxnard, Ravenswood City School District, San Francisco, Santa Ana, and West Contra Costa


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