We teach our kids to be fair. But is our school funding fair?

Starting From:
Wide funding variances across schools, even after adjusting for differences in student needs.
Moving To:
Systems that allocate resources—people, time, and money—equitably, according to student and school needs.

  • Funding_Equity
    Equity »

    Equitable distribution of resources gives each student a fair shot at success. Are schools in your district each receiving their fair share, based on the needs of the students?

  • Funding_Transparency
    Transparency »

    Transparency allows schools to make better decisions about the distribution of scarce resources. Is your district’s budgeting process clear and transparent, so all stakeholders can understand it?

  • Funding_Flexibility
    Flexibility »

    School leaders need the flexibility to organize their resources–people, time, and money–around their vision for transforming student performance. Are regulations and other practices a barrier to flexibility in your district?