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Why do some schools beat the odds and consistently outperform others?

Starting From:
A one-size-fits-all learning environment with rigid schedules and class sizes that don’t accommodate different learning needs.
Moving To:
Schools with restructured teams and schedules; personalized learning and support that responds to student needs and promotes instructional collaboration.

Strategic School Design

Through over a decade of research and practice in strategic resource use, ERS knows that strategic schools start with a strong vision for student and teacher success, and then they deliberately reorganize resources — people, time, technology, and money — around that vision. We call this Strategic School Design. Explore our many tools and stories, and discover all that school leaders can do to improve teaching and learning.

What Does Strategic School Design look like?

Nearly every high-preforming school practices three basic principles of stategic resource use:

1 Excellent teaching for all students: Organize teachers and teams to maximize student learning and contimuously grow talent.
2 Personalized learning and support: Match grouping, learning technology, and program to students' individual needs.
3 Cost effectiveness through creative solutions: Organize partnerships, and technology to maximize resources that support teaching and learning.
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Start Planning

School Designer is an interactive tool to support principals, teachers and central office staff in the strategic planning process. It includes:

  • Guidance for each step in the school planning process
  • Interactive tools and resources
  • Multimedia stories of innovative schools
  • Collaborative working space
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School Check

Assess your school's resource use against the three basic principles of school design.

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School Design in Action

Learn how effective school designs across the country are meeting students' needs. School Design in Action includes profiles of schools across the country that are using people, time, money and technology in innovative ways to meet the needs of students and teachers.

Learn how Revere High School in Revere, Massachusetts is meeting its most urgent student needs through targeting resources to its Freshman Academy.

School Scheduling Tools

These tools support school leaders in building a master schedule that aligns student and teacher time to key school improvement priorities.

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