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Helping Every School Succeed for Every Student
We believe we can transform school systems so every school succeeds because of the system—not in spite of it.

The Vision

Standards & Instructional Resources
Inconsistent standards that don’t prepare kids to think critically, creatively, or collaboratively.
Rigorous, college-and-career-ready standards with effective curricula, instructional strategies, and assessments to achieve them.
Isolated job, limited opportunities for growth or teaming, and career and compensation paths unconnected to performance or contribution.
Selective hiring, development, and strategic assignment to schools and teams. Career path and compensation enable growth and reward contribution.
School Design
A one-size-fits-all learning environment with rigid schedules and class sizes that don’t accommodate different learning needs.
Schools with restructured teams and schedules; personalized learning and support that responds to student needs and promotes instructional collaboration.
Limited autonomy, flexibility and support that do little to develop and promote strong leadership.
Leadership roles with clear goals, accountability and career paths, and the flexibility and support to achieve results.
School Support & Accountability
Central office focused on compliance and oversight rather than productive partnerships with schools.
A central office that serves as a strategy partner, leveraging data to increase efficiency and identify best practices.
Funding & Portfolio
Wide funding variances across schools, even after adjusting for differences in student needs.
Systems that allocate resources—people, time, and money—equitably, according to student and school needs.
Community Engagement
Schools struggling to provide the full range of social, emotional, health, and other services.
Partnering with families, community institutions, youth service organizations, and online instructors to serve students’ needs.

The Diagnostic

The School System 20/20 diagnostic seeks to provide a meaningful picture of district structure and policy, as well as resource allocation. It is composed of four assessments:

Questions cover the seven areas of transformation:

Partners / Funding / School Support / Leadership / School Design / Standards / Teaching

The Process

The School System 20/20 Diagnostic will provide you with an analysis and recommendations. the process takes 60 - 90 days and includes:

  • Review of publicly available information
  • Interview of key stakeholders
  • Analysis of key student, financial, human resource and course schedule data
  • Optional principal survery
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