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Are You Ready for TIF 5?

10 Resources to Support FY 2016 Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Applications

Several ERS tools and resources can support LEAs and SEAs as they write TIF 5 proposals built upon performance-based teacher evaluation systems. The goal is to sustainably attract, retain, develop, and equitably distribute excellent teachers. To support LEAs and SEAs in writing applications for the July 15, 2016 deadline, we created a guide of ERS resources that align with three key focus areas of the FY 2016 TIF grant application. See below for some examples of how the tools can be used in a TIF application.

Human Capital Management Systems

From the FY 2016 TIF Notice:

"Absolute Priority: An LEA-wide human capital management system (HCMS) with educator evaluation and support systems at the center." 

Example Resource: Central office HR teams can use the Talent Decision Planner to create coherence in their talent management system, use data effectively, and empower all staff—teachers, to principals, principal supervisors, and the central office itself—to become transformational talent leaders.

Teacher Compensation

From the FY 2016 TIF Notice:

"Given the importance of ensuring that educators are as effective as possible—especially for high-needs students—the TIF program uses performance-based compensation and related supports for educators to catalyze improvements in a district's human capital management and in student outcomes." 

Example resource: District leaders can work with the Teacher Compensation Calculator to explore options for designing a more effective teacher compensation system within your existing district budget.


Equitable Distribution of Teacher Talent

From the FY 2016 TIF Notice:

"Low-income students and high-need schools tend to have teachers who are less experienced, have fewer credentials and do not demonstrate a track record of success." 

Example resource: Data Decisions Brief #2: Matching Teaching Talent to Student Need illustrates how district leaders can use data to match teachers to the students who need them the most and ensure an equitable distribution of high-performing teachers.



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