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A Strategic Spending Review of Syracuse City School District

Submitted by ERS with funding from Say Yes to Education

ERS final report summarizing research on the Syracuse City School District (SCSD) and the participative community “work-out” process that was held in response to research results. The report shows how SCSD is in a strong position to improve and deliver on its promise for all children, but that to succeed, dramatic action is still necessary. There are six recommendations to help the district ensure highly effective teaching, more targeted individual attention for students, and strategic use of in-school time.

  • Restructure the teacher job to attract and retain the highest contributors and support effective teams
  • Focus more on the quality of instruction than on the number of instructors
  • Move away from one-size-fits-all class sizes to target individual attention based on student and subject needs
  • Extend and organize student time strategically
  • Redesign Special Education to shift resources to early and ongoing intervention in general education settings
  • Unbundle the provision of instructional and other services to take advantage of high-quality, lower-cost options

A Strategic Spending Review of Syracuse City School District (PDF)

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