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Advancing Resource Equity: School Leadership Quality & Diversity

An ARE learning session for district equity leaders

On Friday, April 30, 2021, the Alliance for Resource Equity (ARE) hosted their fourth Learning Series session on the most critical resource equity actions that districts can take to direct resources where they are needed most during this COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The session focused on School Leadership Quality & Diversity and featured Dr. Mary Rice-Boothe (Chief Access & Equity Officer, The Leadership Academy) in conversation with Gilmara Mitchell (Equity Coordinator, Des Moines Public Schools) and Peter LeBlanc (Principal on Special Assignment, Office of Talent Support, Des Moines Public Schools). The panelists discussed efforts to strengthen and diversify school leader pipelines and build the capacity of school leaders as culturally-responsive leaders. Check out the video to hear more!  

You can also explore ARE’s resources at educationresourceequity.org, including the 10 dimensions frameworkResource Equity Diagnostic, and School Leadership Quality & Diversity Guidebook

Des Moines Public Schools: Gilmara Mitchell (Equity Coordinator) and Peter LeBlanc (Principal on Special Assignment, Office of Talent Support)
The Leadership Academy: Dr. Mary Rice-Boothe (Chief Access & Equity Officer)
ARE: Betty Chang (Partner)

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