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Data Decisions Brief #4: How Much Free Time Do 12th Graders Really Have?

5 strategies to help close the college readiness gap by re-engaging 12th grade students

Our School System 20/20 series of briefs, Data Decisions, highlights common opportunities school systems have to yield big results for students by adjusting their current resource use. It is based on ERS' 10 years of close partnership with district leaders across the country and our extensive comparative database. We believe that when districts consider these crucial resource issues, they can move closer to the School System 20/20 vision.

In the fourth brief, learn how school systems can close the gap between college eligibility and college readiness in 12th grade students by promoting more engagement.

Data Decisions Brief #4: How Much Free Time Do 12th Graders Really Have? (PDF)


This video introduces the problem of the college readiness gap for 12th graders and serves as a primer for how this data decisions brief can be used to help school districts analyze unscheduled student time and identify schools that could take a more rigorous approach to engaging 12th graders.




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