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Fresno Unified School District: Adding Time to Accelerate Student and Teacher Learning

How Fresno Unified School District Created More Time for Learning for Students and Teachers

Common Challenge

Not Enough Time for Learning

In 2013, Fresno Unified’s highest-poverty elementary schools performed in the bottom 30 percent of all schools in California. Students’ average proficiency in math and ELA lagged behind more affluent schools in the district and the state—but teachers didn’t have enough time or support to catch their students up.

Fresno's Approach

Creating More Time for Learning

District leaders leveraged an infusion of state funding to add intervention time for students and professional learning time for teachers. The district worked hard to align everyone—teachers, principals, and the central office—on how more time for learning could translate into improved instruction.

Fresno's Results

The Results of More Time for Learning

Five years later, the same group of elementary schools has improved performance among low-income students at nearly double the rate of other elementary schools in the district! One-third of these schools now meet or exceed the district’s average performance in math—and together, their progress far outpaces average progress statewide.

Dig Deeper

Access tangible materialssuch as templates and toolsthat leaders in Fresno Unified used to create more time for learning.


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