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Toolkit: New Teacher Support

The Growing Great Teachers tools help school systems provide new teachers support they need - and reorganize the resources to do it

A New Teacher's Perspective:

Ms. Joel is a first year 6th grade teacher at a high-needs school. Her preparation program covered pedagogical theory, but she's completely overwhelmed by lesson planning, classroom management, and parent engagement for a full course load of 120 students. She attended a 4-day induction program, and her mentor said she can drop by with questions, but she's still overworked and undersupported - and her students can tell. Ms. Joel doesn't know if she'll return next year. 

New Teacher Support: Residencies and More

All school and district leaders want to grow their new teachers into effective educators who stay at their schools - yet most feel constrained by limited budgets. But it is possible to provide new teachers the support they need, with the resources school systems have today. In strategic schools, new teachers’ roles are fundamentally different from those of their experienced peers. Strategic school systems enable schools to create roles with "shelter" (i.e. reduced workload) and "development" (i.e. opportunities to grow skills and practice) built in. These may be "teacher residencies", or simply innovative school designs (involving changes to scheduling, staffing, class sizes and more) that support full-time first year teacher rookies.

The Growing Great Teachers Toolkit


Growing Great Teachers: How school system leaders can use existing resources to better develop, support, and retain new teachers - and improve student outcomes
This report explores how school systems can best leverage their investment in new teachers - with a particular focus on teacher residency models. We share data on relative student impacts, impact on teacher retention, and cost, and provide innovative models for supporting rookie teachers sustainably.


Growing Great Teachers: Toolkit Overview
How can school systems create the conditions for schools to provide "shelter" and "development" for their new, rookie teachers? This overview sets the stage.



District-Level Assessment
Does your school system have the enabling conditions to grow great teachers?

Take Action

Growing Great Teachers Playbook
The Playbook offers five models schools can use to provide shelter and development for rookie teachers of all kinds: pre-service residency models, full-time teachers-of-record, and more. It will be useful for district leaders who want to understand what flexibility and support schools need to implement new models; school leaders can use it to spark ideas for what might work in their context.

Make-it-Work Planning Tool

School leaders can use this tool to reorganize resources to support new teachers - including budget planning, teacher assignments, class sizes, and other resource shifts - in a cost-neutral way. District leaders should review it to understand what flexibility and support school leaders will need.




Design-for-Excellence Workbook
As a final step, school leaders must plan for how to make new teacher support or residency models impactful - including selection criteria for mentor or guiding teachers, and protocols for collaborative time.


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The Bigger Picture

Connection to the Strategic System

New teacher support and residencies should be designed as part of a holistic strategy for system-wide change. This means connecting it to other elements like: 

  • Strategic School Design: School leaders need flexibility and support to reorganize resources in support of new teachers and their broader vision for meeting student needs. School systems can make this a reality.

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