Professional Growth & Support Spending Calculator

Quantify Your Investment in Teacher Effectiveness

The Professional Growth & Support Spending Calculator helps school systems quantify all current spending aimed at teaching effectiveness, in order to implement a system-wide, well coordinated strategy for teacher growth. This tool is divided into two parts: Part I provides worksheets to analyze total investment, while Part II provides a system for evaluating investments based on purpose, target group, and delivery method.

In this Spending Calculator, ERS expands the more traditional definition of professional development to Professional Growth & Support in order to include any use of people, time, and money that targets improvement of teaching. This covers not only direct professional development but also time devoted to collaborative planning, salary increases for education credits, and funds that support curriculum development, teacher evaluation, and student assessment.

Professional Growth & Support Spending Calculator (PDF)

 This calculator is part of a series of publications and tools devoted to teacher Professional Growth & Support. The rest include: